Heart Evangelista Shares Her Top 5 Favourite Handbags For A Working Gal

Heart Evangelista Shares Her Top 5 Favourite Handbags For A Working GalHeart Evangelista Shares Her Top 5 Favourite Handbags For A Working Gal

The gorgeous actor shares some of her favourite 'Heart Evangelist handbags' and tips and tricks on how the buy the perfect one and save up for them

Filipino beauty, Heart Evangelista is known for her love of many posh things. Whether its her shoes, art, couture outfits, or her impressive collection of Heart Evangelista handbags, as they are called. All her fans know just how much she loves her exquisite handbag collection and take prides in saving up for them. 

In fact, on several occasions she's even shared how she plans her finances to a T in order to buy her latest arm candy. And given her eclectic taste and eye for a good handbag she even gets requests from fans to share how she does it. 

So it wasn't a surprise when she decided to share some of her favourite 'Heart Evangelista handbags' and how she saves up for them. In a YouTube video she released on her channel, Evangelista listed her top five favourite handbags. Which, she says she doesn't mind taking from day to night. And even shared her well-kept secrets about how she plans her finances around them. 

Top 5 Heart Evangelista Handbags That Are Perfect For Work 

In the eight-minute video, the actress and artist shares that when is on the go, she prefers to bring along one of these five pieces from her collection.

"When I'm busy with work, I always carry along a bag that's simple, practical, and of course, stylish. These are the ones that work perfectly for me!  Make sure to stay to stay until the end, where I share some of my personal hacks for taking care of workwear bags," she mentioned in the description of her video. 

As for the list, she begins with, "A lot of you out there need a durable but fashionable bag at the same time. When you're working and you have so much stuff in your bag."  

1. Lancaster Backpack 

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"So my first bag would be this very cute bag from Lancaster, Paris," she is seen saying in the video.

"I love it because it is so easy to open.  I usually have two to three bags at a time when am working, coz sometimes i have to have a small bag and a bigger bag. But if you wanted one bag, this would be the perfect shape. I love the leather, I love the shade. You could wear with everything. I also bring this with me when I travel," she adds. 

2. Sequia Paris hobo

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Evangelista's second choice of handbag is the black hobo from Sequoia Paris. She is often seen endorsing the bag on her Instagram page and has long been a supporter of the brand. 

She says its the perfect pick for workwear because of its trendy look but also functionality. 

"The brand is known for their cute bag trendy, stylish, something you can wear for a night out. But they also have other bags and when I saw this, I fell in love with this bag. Its trendy and stylist even if you are very haggard and busy. And I love the shape. It has a divider inside. ben if this shape has this Neverful (Louis Vuitton) shape, its nice because you can keep everything organised…And it matches almost everything," she says. 

3. Hermes Birkin 32

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The actress' next pick is an Hermes Birkin. Yes! She says its not the exact Birkin, but a bigger version and she loves it because of its spacious facade and of course, its look. 

"Its a bit longer but for a petite girl like me, this would be the perfect size. I use it almost all the time, when I travel or when I have a really busy day. I have my camera and all of my stuff in it. This is something that you should definitely put on your wishlist. I suggest its a good investment, its something that you can pass on to your children. Its definitely a keeper," she explains. 

Interestingly, as much as the actor loves to shop for bags, she makes sure to consider finances before making a purchase. Something she says, she's learnt from her husband. 

"After I went wild on bags (my collection), my husband who helps me handle my finances told me I am only allowed to buy another bag if I get rid of another. It’s been tough but it teaches you discipline," Evangelista shared. 

4. Sequoia Paris, Sweet Vase 

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Her next pick is the Sequoia Sweet Vase bag, which she 'loves.' 

She explains why. "It's a bucket bag...Its so easy, you can put your laptop in them. You also get a strap with them...You can dump absolutely everything. You can also use this at night. When you’re done with your job and you don’t want to look so haggard. You can carry it easily..It matches everything and you can also bring it to the beach," she says. 

5. Vintage Versace

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She says her last pick is a special bag, one that was not only gifted by her husband. But is also from the same line as the one her mother had before her birth. 

"I bring this bag almost everywhere on a daily basis. So this bag was actually given to me by my husband. He gave it to me because I have another backpack, that is a vintage bag, it was from my mom, I wasn’t even born yet when she had it. And this is from the same line. This was his dad’s. And its perfect. Its nice because…its trendy and you can dump absolutely your whole life in it. I have my notebook my converter, my charger, hard rive, notepad... my laptop," explains Evangelista. 

She advises that women should invest in a laptop top that does the job but doesn't look boring as well.

"A bag for your laptop, does't really look like  laptop bag and looks like a hand carry," she says.

Heart Evangelista Handbag Style: How To Buy The Perfect Bag

 Evangelista also shared tips on how to purchase the one 'perfect bag.' 

1. Go for real leather 

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She explains, “Go for real leather because eventually fake leather will get destroyed after a few months. Its just a waste of money. So if you’re going to go for it, invest in a bag that will last you a lifetime." 

2. Save up for your high-end bags 

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Now if you want a bag that you cannot buy, Evangelista says, “Save up for it.” 

“Because instead of buying that bag now, you’re still going to spend more to get that anyway. So wait for it and buy it when you’re ready,” she adds. Just as she did for her now famous Heart Evangelista Handbags from Hermes. 

3. Look for a basic colour 

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Evangelista's second tip would be to opt for a basic colour, one that can go with almost anything. 

She says go for a "Tan bag, black bag, grey, neutral colours, are always safe and don’t be afraid to go for white. I mean, white is super wearable, Its definitely the new black."

4. Add accessories to your bags 

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Another top tip by the bag aficionado is to add a bit of bling to your handbags. You can do this by choosing the right accessories to go with them. 

She says, there are many budget-friendly scarves that you can add to the bags. Just as she did to her Heart Evangelista handbags.

“This will definitely give your bags an extra oomph. Its also nice to add a little extra detail that adds a whole lot of difference," says Evangelista.

5. Take care of your bags 

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She advises that you keep wipes close by to clean your bags and make sure they are fresh and ready for another day. 

So there you have it, not just a curated list of some of the best Heart Evangelista handbags, the ones that she personally loves. But also tips from the bag queen herself on buying the best Heart Evangelista handbags and keeping them bags in the best shape.

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