7 Easy Five-Minute Hairstyle Hacks For Girls On-The-Go

7 Easy Five-Minute Hairstyle Hacks For Girls On-The-Go

Nail the art of grooming your mane in just about five minutes straight with these super easy an quick hairstyle hacks

Each month, I and five of my friends meet for a long lunch and gossip session, preferably at a place we have never been to before. This year we decided to ditch the usual joints to have a nice warm lunch at one of their homes.

While four out of the six of us came well-groomed with our hair all in place, both our super busy girl friends were all over the place. "We just don't have to time to do anything now. You should be thankful we could meet at all and I am sitting here with combed hair. That's all you get!," quipped our gracious hostess.

As a new senior partner at a revered law firm, she found balancing the two acts challenging. Getting up early and then gearing up to go out to work herself was no mean feat. But she managed. However, in all this, she found little to no time to keep herself groomed.

7 Easy Five-Minute Hairstyle Hacks For Busy Girls

Most busy working gals would relate to this, and if you are one of them and are looking for something easy and quick, here is a quick list of hairstyle hacks for all working girls on-the-go such as yourself (and my dear friend).

This will help you nail the art of grooming your hair in just about five minutes straight.

1. Straight and simple

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Heart Evangelista loves to keep her hair clean and simple and this hairstyle is proof. All you have to do achieve this look is to roughly straighten your hair using a hair straighter. But don't forget to use a heat protectant before hand and a hair serum later. This way you maintain the shine and health of your hair. All in five minutes!

2. Wavy and breezy

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Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who is a globe-trotter has managed to keep a similar look for many years, adding a bun or extra waves on the regular.

And if you are also a jet-setter like her, then straighteners or curlers would be last thing in your bag. But since a well-groomed look is important for working gals, you can take a cue from her wavy and breezy hairstyle.

You can either sleep with braided hair and apply some hair serum after your shower. Or use a hair straighter and roll a three-finger wide section of your hair.

3. Pony to the rescue

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If you want to have a hassle-free day to run errands and finish those impending chores, this look is ideal. Kathryn Bernado wears an effortless pony with the middle-parting (in vogue, by the way!).

It's possibly the simplest hairstyle hack you can try for those late mornings. Make sure your hair is washed in the night so when you tie the pony in the morning, its nice and bouncy. 

To achieve this look, follow he same first two steps as hers and add some volume to your crown and tie your hair back in a low sleek ponytail. Next, take a small section of the tied hair and wrap it around your hairband, pin the hair with bobby pins and viola! 

4. Classic big waves

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Lovi Poe flaunts her favourite big and bouncy waves here. It's not a difficult look to achieve albeit you have a hair serum, a roller brush, blow-dry and a hair spray to keep it all in place. How is this a five minute job, you ask?

Here's how. Apply a hair serum and use a blow dry to start rolling the ends of your hair outwards with a roller brush. Once you are through, use the hair spray to keep your hair in place.

5. Tied and tested

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The newly-minted Duchess, Meghan Markle sported a simple half-tied look on her recent tour. It's easy to achieve if you already have somewhat wavy hair and there is not much you have to do to get this look right. Ot you can add beach waves with a curling iron.

Once done, tease the back of your hair in the crown area and tie them together with a centre parting. Let out a few tendrils from the front and you have the duchess half-do.  

6. Short and crisp

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The gorgeous model and influencer, Sue Dodd now has her hair super simple and super short. If you are one of those who love to experiment, you can also give your hair a little crop and let them be hassle-free.

There is really nothing you have to do with this hairstyle, except if you have wavy hair, use a hair serum when you step out, so the strays stay where you want them. A matte pomade could also do that job for you. 

7. Go all natural

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There is nothing extraordinary you have to do to nail Maine Mendoza's super simple look. If you have naturally wavy hair, your job is as well as done when you brush them out. You can also try a conditioner after the wash to achieve this simple look. 

If you however, have frizzy hair, keep a gel or serum handy. However, if you have very thick curly hair, try the curly girl method so you can add shine and health to your naturally super wavy hair. 

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