How To Get More Likes For Your Selfies And Become A Bonafide Influencer

How To Get More Likes For Your Selfies And Become A Bonafide InfluencerHow To Get More Likes For Your Selfies And Become A Bonafide Influencer

The art of getting likes for selfies is no mean feat. But not an impossible one either.

In an age where social media has become an essential part of one's life, selfies are now a routine. And users are constantly looking to get likes on Instagram app. #truestory

But the art of getting likes for selfies is no mean feat. Any a professional photographer can tell you that a quality photo requires an understanding of perspective and depth of field. In order to know how to get likes on Instagram app, your selfie should also have your best angles and light.

And if you nail both, you not only get likes, but also secret admirers. *wink *wink

So how do you do it? How do you get likes on Instagram app, specially for your selfies? To level up in your selfie game, you not only have to get the right composition, but an understanding of your best poses. But there's more. 

How To Get Likes On Instagram App Like An Influencer

Scroll down to find out ways you can elevate your selfies. Follow these simple steps while taking your selfie and become the next big fashion influencer in no time.

1. Display your accessories 

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Accessories can make or break your outfit, with the ability to enhance and make your picture stand out. Include more than just your necklaces and earrings. Get creative by including the sunglasses you donned that day.

Or include your fresh manicure as part of the shot. Alternatively, show off your nails by bringing your hand closer to your face.

2. Allow a sneak peek of your outfit

Avoid looking like a stiff and rigid ID photo with your OOTD, and showcase part of your outfit, not just your face. Wouldn't you want to show off part of your new designer outfit?

3. Include hands in poses

Along with showing off your outfit and accessories, posing with your hands in the picture can also make the process easier. Because what is the use of getting all accessorised and not being able to show them off?

4. Try different angles

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Experiment with different angles as the subject, whether it is that favourite pair of heels or that new designer top. Try the no-fail mirror selfie, or alternatively, shoot a pair of shoes from above while wearing it, instead of shooting just the shoes.  

Available in most phones, the lens in portrait mode will help to highlight the subject by focusing on the foreground, while blurring out the background. Also called the ‘bokeh’ effect, this makes the picture stand out more and have a dramatic effect that catches attention, while still looking flattering and professional.

5. Capture high-quality pictures with a great camera phone

The quality of your camera can influence how your selfie turns out, so ensure details are captured well in the best possible way using a great smartphone with a high-quality camera. You could always try stylish and sleek models like Huawei P20 Pro and iPhone X as they are known as having one of the best smartphone photography presently.

No doubt the smartphone is the selfie device of choice for many people, even with the occasional instant cameras and tablets. But not all smartphone cameras are made equal, and choosing a smartphone does not have to be that complicated, if your main aim is to only capture the perfect Instagram selfie.

Still, do your due diligence and research on camera features and picture quality for the next time you are looking to purchase your next smartphone.

If you checked all these points, there is no reason you won't get a great shot. And a great shot means a lot many likes and a lot many admirers. Win-win!

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Melia Widjaja