Quiz: This Three-Question Test Can Show Your Intelligence Level In A Minute

Quiz: This Three-Question Test Can Show Your Intelligence Level In A MinuteQuiz: This Three-Question Test Can Show Your Intelligence Level In A Minute

Wondering if there was a way to test true intelligence with genius questions and answers? Psychologist Shane Frederick has the answer.

Intelligence is often mistaken for pretentiousness. Too often, unqualified people assume a greater self-capability than is true and this makes real intelligence look arrogant. But what if there was a way to test true intelligence with tangible genius questions and answers? 

Well, psychologist Shane Frederick solved this problem a decade back and millennials are only just figuring it out! 

Psychologist Creates Test That Has Genius Questions With Answers

A professor at the Yale School of Management, Frederick created a three question test that can determine a person’s intelligence in no time.

Titled Cognitive Reflection and Decision-Making, it is touted as the shortest test to evaluate one’s intellect. All you need to do is answer three questions as quickly as possible. Even though some people have even taken more than three hours to figure out the answers. 

As Frederick himself explains in his paper, “It involves only three items and can be administered in a minute or two, yet its predictive validity equals or exceeds other cognitive tests that involve up to 215 items and take up to 31⁄2 hours to complete.” 

Curious to know about the genius questions with answers? 

We dig up the questions from the actual research papers and have listed them for you. If you answer these questions right, congratulations! You have a genius intellect. If you can’t, worry not, you still get consolation for trying. 

Now let’s get on with it and check out the cognitive questions. 

Genius Questions That Can Either Make You Proud Or Psyche The F*** Out Of You!

1.  Together, a tennis racket and a ball cost a dollar and 10 cents. If the racket is one dollar more than the cost of the ball, how much is the ball priced?

2. About five machines produce five products within five minutes. How many minutes will it take for 100 machines to produce 100 products?

3. There are water lilies growing in a pond. They grow quite fast doubling the distribution area each day. It will take them 48 days to cover the pond fully. How many days do water lilies need to cover half of the pond?

The Purpose Of These Genius Questions With Answers 

genius questions with answers

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These questions, though simple, bowled over the 1,000 American university participants of Frederick’s research. In fact, they were also offered $3,400 instantly and $3,800 after a month. Those who successfully answered these questions opted for the latter, while those who failed opted for the former. 

It showed that participants with high results demonstrated a higher willpower as compared to those with lower score. 

The purpose of this test was to not only check IQ, but also how humans fight basic intuitiveness. Because if you go by your intuition, your answers would be 100 cents, 100 products, and 24 days. But you’d be wrong.  

So what are the correct answers?

The Correct Answers

While the purpose of these genius questions with answers is to check intelligence quotient and patience, the actual responses also demonstrate a good intuition. 

So here are the answers, in case you haven’t figured them out yet.  

1. The first answer is 5 cents. If you know your algebra, here’s how you can solve this question.

Let’s assume the ball is ‘x’ and the tennis racket is ‘y.’

Therefore, x+y = 1$ +10c

x-y= 1$

2x= 2x 1$ + 10c

x= 1$ + 5c

Now, if y= (1$ +10c) – x

This will = (1$ + 10c) – (1$ + 5c)

So, y= 5c 

Hence proved. 

2. The correct answer is 5 minutes, and not 100. The number of machines that produce the product don’t actually influence the time. 

3. Finally, the answer is 47, and not 24. If the amount of lilies doubles each day, and the amount of days required to cover the pond is 48, then by logic the water lilies will only cover half of the pond just one day before it fills. 

Interesting, isn’t it? Try these genius questions with answers with your friends and let us know how well they fared. 

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