Genital Piercings: What's All The Fuzz About?

Genital Piercings: What's All The Fuzz About?

It's not just a piece of jewellery, it's your best bet to multiple orgasms!

As Beyonce once sang, "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it."

It seems that millennials are taking a leaf straight out of her chartbuster and applying the lyrics to their own bodies. The only difference here is that you and I can't see these rings.

Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about genital piercings. 

Genital Piercing Types: What You Must Know 

Genital piercings might seem extreme, but fortunately for the curious, they are more common and historic than you think.

From clitoris hood to bosom rings, there are many genital piercing types that you can explore. But how did these really start? 

Who started nipple piercings?

Historically, nipple piercings began in the mid-14th century, when Queen Isabella of France started the trend of “garments of the grand neckline,” dresses. These dresses came with seductively low necklines—sometimes below the navel—and exposed the nipples. So nipple piercing became a form of jewellery that women wore to match the dress.

Although that lasted for a short period, 'bosom rings' made a comeback again in the late 1800s. They were used more for sexual pleasure than for aesthetics. But today, almost everybody in the know is rocking them. Take Kendal Jenner for instance, who is rocking her pierced nipples these days. 

Who started clitoris rings? 

As for the clitoris hood piercings or Apadravya piercings as they are called in the Kama Sutra, they date back to 700AD. The palang—a piercing that is made across the surface of the glans—has reportedly been practiced in Southeast Asia for centuries.  

Now that you know how genital piercings began, let's take a look at the actual process. 

How The Actual Piercing Process Works

Usually, for most genital piercings you will need proper consultation and will have to review your options in terms of type of piercing and jewellery.

But specifically, you may want to bear a few things in mind before you take the big plunge through your sweeties. 

1. Clitoris hood 

Style: Getting your actual clitoris pierced through the glans is not advisable, because it can be dangerous and many studios refuse to do it. But you can get your clitoris hood pierced. In fact, it is a popular type of 'clit' piercing and best when done vertically. Now don't assume that it won't be pain-free, because it won't. But the level of pain depends on your threshold for pain. 

This can set you back by S$100 or more and may cost more depending on the type of jewellery used. In this case, you can try can get your clitoral hood pierced with straight bars, rings, or curved bars in gold, titanium, white gold, rose gold, platinum or palladium. 

Usually genital piercings require an appointment, so that your piercer can identify if you can get one based on your anatomy. She or he may even advise you on the type of jewellery you can try. 

Care: As for healing and aftercare, a clitoris hood piercing usually takes about eight weeks to heal. But that is only possible if you keep it relatively clean and dry. Don't allow your piercing to come in contact with fluids, including semen and saliva. So even if you have sex or use any toy for masturbation, make sure you use a condom.  

2. Nipple piercing 

Style: You can get bosom rings in many different ways including vertical, diagonal and horizontal; but the latter is the most popular. Plus, if you want to try something a bit more extreme, there is always the option of multiple piercings through the same nipple. The choice is entirely yours because they are not just jewellery my friend, they are also known to enhance sexual pleasure. 

Typically, nipple piercings might cost anything between S$60 and S$150, depending on the place and the type of piercing you want. But you will have to get consultation first because not everybody can get their nipples pierced. 

genital piercing types

As for the piercing itself, you can get your nipples pierced with straight bars or rings and even barbells (bars that come with removable balls at both ends). 

Care: If you're keen to get your nipples pierced, you should also be ready to take good care of them. They typically take anything between 12 and 13 weeks to complete heal. So avoid any oral contact with them for a minimum of two weeks after the procedure. This also means no sauna or swimming for two weeks.    

As for pain, it depends on your threshold. 

Both of these genital piercing types is usually available at any verified piercer in Singapore.

And irrespective of the genital piercing types you pick, the important thing to remember here is that you do your research, get proper consultations from verified piercers and report any discomfort post the procedure to your general practitioner.

Other than that, enjoy this new addition to your jewellery collection!

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Deepshikha Punj