9 Things To Do With Your BFFs On Galentine's Day

9 Things To Do With Your BFFs On Galentine's Day9 Things To Do With Your BFFs On Galentine's Day

From karaoke to brunches, to a full-on shopping spree, there are a tonne of Galentine's Day ideas to explore with your BFFs

The season of love may be around the corner, but singles need not despair. You can celebrate your love for your BFFs on Galentine’s Day, the fictional holiday that first appeared on Parks and Recreation, and is celebrated on February 13. From karaoke to brunches, to a full-on shopping spree, there are a tonne of Galentine’s Day ideas to explore. 


And yes, we are aware, any day can be Galentine’s Day, but this day is just another excuse to have fun with your closest pals.      

Interestingly, Galentine’s Day is open to anyone and everyone to celebrate. That means boys are also allowed to have as much fun. Not as corny and cheesy as its counterpart, this holiday is a celebration of friendship, along with remembering those who have been through thick and thin with you.

We all know that romantic relationships may come and go, but real friends stick by you. Sometimes we might even just need a reminder to demonstrate the same kind of love and care to the most important people in your life.

So girls, gather your favourite pals this February 13 in celebration of lasting friendships and female power, and strive to make this day one to remember.

1. Get together for brunch  

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Schedule brunch dates with your gal pals, as dinner dates are so 2018. Celebrate with scrambled eggs and mimosas, or pay tribute to Leslie Knope, the foremother of Galentine’s Day, by planning a waffle brunch. 

2. Indulge in movies featuring strong female leads

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Organise a Galentine’s Day movie night showcasing female empowering movies featuring strong lead female characters such as The Hunger Games, and refuse cheesy rom-coms usually reserved for Valentine’s Day.  

3. Throw a Galentine’s Day Party

Pajamas Party

Now you have an excuse to sip on cocktails, take adorable photos, and listen to cheesy 90’s tunes by Backstreet Boys. More of a stylish version of a pyjama party, feel free to choose a theme that will tickle your fancy!

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Dates do not have to be reserved solely for romantic nights. Go unconventional instead and choose to adapt classic date activities, such as dinner and a movie, to suit a girls’ night out. Now go make that reservation at that fancy restaurant you have been dying to check out for months!

5. Have fun with crafts

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Express your affection for your friends in creative ways while making your own friendship bracelets or a handmade collage of favourite pictures.

6. Go on a shopping spree

Here is another reason to love your singlehood on Valentine’s Day. With shops looking to leverage on this massively profitable holiday, you can go shopping alone or with your favourite shopping pals. Take advantage of this opportunity to treat yourself and save some while you shop.

7. Play dress up

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There is a little girl in every female, and there is no other better day to bring her out. Plan your own photoshoot and play dress up in those old outfits buried deep in your closet or new ones from your shopping spree. Strike different, interesting poses with your outfits for your friends to take pictures of. There, no more boring mirror selfies.

8. Pamper yourself with a spa appointment


Take a trip down to the spa and pamper yourself with the array of services on display, anything from a facial, massage, or mani/pedi. Include your friends as you make a group mani-pedi appointment, and they are guaranteed to appreciate you even more after this.

Whenever wine is involved, fun follows, while you keep it classy. Layer on the fun as you gather your pals for a wine-and-cheese happy hour, as you remind one another how amazing it feels to leave behind all husbands and boyfriends for a few hours.

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Written by

Melia Widjaja