Make Your Holidays Memorable With These Fun Christmas Party Themes

Make Your Holidays Memorable With These Fun Christmas Party Themes

These funny Christmas party themes are sure to make your do the talk of the town

Christmas is just around the corner and that means you must be busy planning your holiday parties, just as we are. But unlike most years, this year we wanted to try something different. We wanted to try some funny christmas party themes and in the spirit of sharing, list them out for you as well. 

These are not your usual party ideas where you put on some music, eat traditional Christmas dinner, go carolling and dance. These ideas put a new spin to this special holiday and are sure to make your party the talk of the town.   

7 Funny Christmas Party Themes You Must Try

1. A Christmas Scavenger Hunt 

There is nothing more that says Christmas spirit than finding hidden Santa’s gifts. Only in this case, you hide secret Santa gifts in every corner of your house, and prepare a scavenger hunt for your family and friends. The first person to solve the puzzle and find their gift wins an additional gift. You can make this really funny by using adult toys or even embarrassing pictures.    

2. A Christmas Carol-oke

We’ve all organised that one crazy karaoke night where your friend just won’t let that mic go. Well, how about a repeat? Only this time, you add some shots to the mix or maybe some eggnog. Whatever floats your boat. You can convert this into one of those funny Christmas party themes by challenging your friends to belt out the highest number of songs. 

3. A Christmas Story Party 

funny christmas party themes

Share your stories over a glass of champagne. | Image courtesy: Pixabay

If you’re a fan of the Christmas movies, then make your party a fun story-telling time. Invite your friends to share their craziest Christmas experiences. You can even serve candies like black licorice, and candy buttons. The worst story-teller will have to finish the mashed potatoes without using their hands. Just a suggestion! 

4. A Christmas Potluck 

A potluck can be quite funny, especially for your friends who may not be so great in the kitchen. Because for this potluck they will have to cook something, even if they are not good at it. You not only get to enjoy sharing, but will remember these memories for days to come. 

5. A DIY Christmas Jumper Party 

We all have that one jumper or shirt we don’t really love to wear that often. So how about turning it into your favourite by DIYing the hell out of it. Add your favourite colours, buttons, ribbons, bows or patches to create your own DIY Christmas outfit. And in case you need some Christmas outfit ideas, we have a few for you here

6. A Grinch Party 

Yes, Grinch is not exactly Christmas(y). But it still kind of is. We only think about the Grinch and all those crazy Grinch movies during Christmas, so why shy away from using him as the central theme of your party. It will sure be one of those funny Christmas party themes where you can all dress up in wacky Whoville style and play boardgames. 

7. A Beachy Christmas 

Throw your friends a beach bash in the middle of a rainy Singaporean weather or humid sweltering heat of the Philippines. Get yourself some beach balls, fake palm tress, and blast the Beach Boys in full volume. Make sure your friends follow the dress code of hula skirts, sunglasses and flip-flops. And if you’re already at the beach during this time of the year, you can bring the s’mores home and light a bonfire. 

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Deepshikha Punj