60-Second Styling Challenge: 7 Uniquely Creative Ways To Style A Scarf

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For our first 60-second styling challenge we decided to show you the seven fun ways to wear a scarf. And yes, it only takes that much time to style it.

Every item in your wardrobe has a major versatility factor. Whether it's your basic white tee, your denims or your skirts. But instead of showing you how to revamp those items today, we're going to take a look at seven fun ways to wear a scarf.  

It's the most basic item in your wardrobe, but it can be worn in many fun ways. So for our first 60-second styling challenge we decided to show you the seven fun ways to wear a scarf. And yes, it only takes 60-seconds to style it.

#1 Wrap it like a bow-tie 

If you follow international runways sometime, you'd know that the common theme running across most of them was woman empowerment. And what better way to share your support for the cause than by opting for androgynous dressing. 


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You can opt for a power suit and throw in your scarf as a bow-tie. To get the look, fold your scarf into a thin strip and tie it around your neck like a bow. 

#2 Wear it as a bandana 

As hotter days inch closer and the sweltering heat keeps you from experimenting with hairstyles, the bandana look is perfect for the busy girl on-the-go. You can always fake a good hair day, when you wear your stylish scarf as your headgear. 


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To get this look, fold your scarf diagonally and tie it around your crown area. You can let the knot hang loose or take it up top tightly, it's up to you. 

#3 Hang it around the neck 

That might sound spooky but it looks super classy and takes literally no effort to style. Simple let your scarf hand around your neck and be done with it. 


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You can try this style with dresses and wear a belt over it for a more corporate look. Or wear it over a loose shift dress to bring some boho vibes into your outfit. 

#4 Wear it like a head scarf 

You can also use it to make your own head scarf, especially if your job requires you to go out for field work or you travel quite a bit. It does two things. First, it adds a pop of colour to your outfit. Second, it protects your hair from pollution and harsh sunlight. Win-win! 


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To get this look, fold the scarf diagonally and place it over your head and tie it in a bow around the neck. Alternatively, you can add a clip or a hair tie instead of the knot. 

#5 Turn it into a bandeau top 

Whether you wear it with out without a shirt underneath, you can take inspiration from the Oslen twins and turn your scarf into a bandeau top. This is a great idea if you want to take your look from day to night.


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To get this look, fold the scarf to turn it into a triangle. Then tie a knot in the centre of your chest. You can either leave the ends to hang loose or tuck them under the bandeau you just made.  

#5 Turn it into an accessory 

You can even style your scarf as an accessory if you so like. Tie it around your wrists along with some of your bangles or bracelets. 


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You can also use it as a belt and tie it around your waist or on your ankle. Honestly, there is no extra effort that you need to take to make this styling work. 

#7 Add it to your bag 

One of the best uses of the scarf is to turn it into a fancy accessory. Once you are done with your travels of the day, wrap your fancy scarf onto your bag to add a bit of drama and personality to it. 


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Plus, in case the weather takes a turn for the worst, you have something to protect your bag and valuables. So take just about a minute and try these fun ways to wear a scarf; and keep your eyes peeled for our next pick. 

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