WTF! Why This Online Retailer's Front Thong Bodysuit May Confuse You

WTF! Why This Online Retailer's Front Thong Bodysuit May Confuse YouWTF! Why This Online Retailer's Front Thong Bodysuit May Confuse You

The UK-based online fashion retailer Boohoo recently released an uncomfortable-looking front thong bodysuit, and it is exactly that

Every year, designers and fashion retailers try to break barriers in order to make headlines. And sometimes to stand out among a sea of design likeness, they compromise comfort. Only this time, comfort was replaced by logic! To kickstart the new year, UK-based online fashion retailer Boohoo released a rather uncomfortable-looking front thong bodysuit.

And it is exactly what it sounds like: uncomfortable, and plain ridiculous. 

This Front Thong Bodysuit Will Confuse The Hell Out Of You

First appearing in a sponsored post on social media, Boohoo's newest high-cut 'front thong' is proving once again that fashion can be painful.

The online chain not only toyed but executed the idea of putting the ladies' sacred bit outside its comfort zone in the name of fashion. Apparently, you can find other similar designs on Boohoo's website, so this means the recently released 'front thong' design is not a novel idea.

For those curious, the bodysuit features a trendy V-neck design with a skimpy high-leg and ruched front style. Confused by the design already? You're not alone.

1. Transparent Jeans

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Yes, that's right! There is such a thing. While the verdict is still out on whether clear jeans should be considered regular jeans.

Although it your answer is affirmative, you are probably referring to the Oxford English Dictionary, which regards 'jeans' as being 'heavy twilled cotton cloth, especially denim', so these well-meaning, yet confusing queries are completely justified.

Unlike the standard denim type, Topshop's controversial jean design is made of crystal clear plastic. So what's inside can be seen outside too. And if you dare, these can be yours for $50! 

2. Double Denim

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One of the most surprisingly flattering, yet tricky unisex style to pull off, double denim looks really stylish when done correctly.
So what's new with denim on denim you ask? Well, unlike the fitted jeans you'd wear, this one differs thanks to its unflattering fit.
Both the items on top and bottom are lose and while Missy Elliot might have pulled it off at the Grammys, its not an everyday wear item. 

3. Denim Waistband 

Featuring two button holes, this bizarre denim waistband is basically a belt made from a cut-off pair of jeans. Designed by brand Weekday and on retailer ASOS, the belt is available in a "one-size" fit and meant to be worn over a pair of trousers. Or you can choose to don it over any other outfit.  

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