Forest Bathing: The Glamping Queen's Newest Way To De-Stress

Forest Bathing: The Glamping Queen's Newest Way To De-Stress

Forest bathing benefits not just the body, but also your soul. And even if you are a glamping kinda gal, we bet you'll love it!

If you're a glamping queen, you know that forest bathing benefits are not just restricted to a night out in a luxe camp. And it's also not just about taking a bath in the forest. Although you can take a dip in the lake if you really feel like it.

In a sense, it's much more than that. It is a different type of bath that will bring you into a zen-like state as you metaphorically "bathe in the forest."

What is forest bathing? 

The Japanese practice of forest bathing or shinrin-yoku where shinrin means "forest" and yoku means "bath" reportedly started to encourage people to focus their minds and body on being present and one with nature. It was believed to help in the discovery of new perspectives and insights. And it was basically a practice of taking in nature through your senses. 

It is no exercising, hiking, cycling or some such, it is simply a practice of absorbing the nature. 

You can call it ecotherapy as well, a term coined by Howard Clinebell back in 1996, and he clearly stated that spending time in nature has psychological benefits.

Fast forward to today, this practice is now being used to help busy professionals connect with nature. And in doing so, they get a mental refresh that will help them tackle life head-on. 

So how do you practice forest bathing? 

You go to the forest and find a spot. Start walking towards wherever your senses take you. It could be through what you see, hear or touch. Don't worry if you're not going anywhere, you've not come here to go somewhere. You can even be standing still at a spot and stare at the forest. Mindfully, listen in to the sounds and smell the nature around. 

Let your senses connect your mind and body to nature. They key to relaxing and unlocking this connection is in the power of your five senses. If you see a stream, walk slowly towards it and dip your toes and enjoy the breeze whilst you do a bit of foot soaking. 

When you feel relaxed and calm, you will have opened your sixth sense, metaphorically. The only thing to remember here is that this is a not a one-size-fits all pill. Forest bathing works differently. So if you're new to this, starting with a group is a good ides. 

Now how will this benefit you apart from helping you being one with yourself? Well, forest bathing is more than that. 

Forest bathing benefits that will make you want to do this NOW!

1. It reminds you to let go and be present

The first thing you need to remember when you're in a forest bathing session is to be mindfully present.

You may think this is easy but in the world of social media, highly-pressured workspaces, and an instant culture, you might need something as special as forest bathing to help you detox.

With You Min's forest bathing session you can achieve this by holding 'worry stones' so a participant can let go of his/her negative thoughts and fears. 

2. It clears your brain

You'll realise that nature has this power to clear your brain. Whether by wandering around or just staying still on the ground while staring at the water and listening to the buzz of the grasshoppers. 

And forest bathing does both the jobs. It helps you be one with yourself and pushes your mind, body and soul to deeply connect with each other.    

3. It helps you realise things and say them out loud

As you walk slowly, basking in the beauty of the forest, you're asked to say what you've observed.

While you say these things out loud, it helps you become less self-conscious of the others and fully immersed with the idea you have in mind. This also helps blank out the noise in your mind. 

4. It reduces anxiety and depression 

Think of a forest bathing session as a combination of a travel and a guided meditation.

It helps to put things into perspective and it's composed of a crowd and a practitioner that are open to hearing your feelings and thoughts without judgment and biases.

It's even backed up by studies. A research by Stanford claims that the prescription for mental health is nature, particularly, walking in nature.

5. It's perfect for a mental restart


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Personally, we go to spas and travel from time to time to get a mental restart, especially when we've had a really toxic week or month.

Remember: rest is as important (if not more important) than work. We need to regularly destress and detox to set ourselves up for the upcoming work days. Forest bathing is good at this because it's like traveling and going to a spa.

It's both a physical exercise that releases toxins and a mental one that releases negative thoughts. 

Where to find forest bathing sessions in the 'Garden City' Singapore

1. Forest Bathing Walk: starts at 35 SGD/session

2. Botanic Gardens Forest Bathing : starts at 35 SGD/session

3. Water Dreaming: starts at 59 SGD

Now that you know these forest bathing benefits, when are you planning to book your session? Have you experienced one before and how was it? Let us know in the comments below! 

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