I Tried The FOREO UFO Facial Massager And It Transformed My Skin Overnight

I Tried The FOREO UFO Facial Massager And It Transformed My Skin OvernightI Tried The FOREO UFO Facial Massager And It Transformed My Skin Overnight

My FOREO UFO review proved that this smart facial device hits the nail on its head with its claim of a glowing and moisturised skin in 90 seconds

I’ve been trying out new skincare products long enough to know that not all of them weave magic as quickly as they claim. That’s not to say that they are bad. It only means that they take time to show results—sometimes a week, and sometimes more than a month. But that wasn’t the case when I did a FOREO UFO review. 

This smart facial device hits the nail on its head with its claim of a 90 second facial massage that results in a glowing, soft and moisturised skin. Let that sink in.  

Foreo UFO Review

Within just 90 seconds, the Foreo UFO can literally transform your skin and am proof. 

This revolutionary product couples the two things am obsessed with—sheet masks with fast-acting ingredients and a clean self-use device.

Although it does take the latter to a whole new level with its minute and a half pulsating facial massage that transforms your skin in one go. I wanted to check if this boujee product delivered on its promises. And the only way to find that out was to use it.

Now, I naturally have very dark circles and after a night out they turn me into somebody who just escaped a zombie apocalypse. So a Sunday evening was the perfect time to try this revolutionary product. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. 

How Does FOREO UFO Work?   

Foreo UFO Review

While doing the Foreo UFO Review, I realised not just how easy it was to use, but how effective it was on my skin.

This small cutesy round device (mine is turquoise) is super easy to hold and its usage is as unique as its look. The first step to use the FOREO UFO is to download the Foreo app on your cell. It scans the device as well as the mask you select. 

When you buy this product, you’ll find that it comes with a mask. I got the ‘Make My Day,’ which contains skin-plumping hyaluronic acid as well as calming red algae.

In addition, you can also try five other sets of masks-—Youth Junkie, H2oOverdose, Shimmer Freak, Matte Maniac and Glow Addict. Just as I did. 

Foreo UFO Review

The sheet masks come in small circular form and can be placed easily on your Foreo UFO.

All of these masks come in circular shapes that can be placed on the UFO device. Once you secure the mask onto the device, you have to glide the device all over your face in circular motion for 90 seconds. 

The device then uses a combination of T-sonic pulsations, LED light therapy, and hyper-infusion technologies to make sure that the nutrients in each mask are penetrate well into the skin and you get the maximum goodness out of each of them.  

So you will feel a soft and calming sensation on your face. And honestly speaking, I kept repeating the treatment till there was no juice left in the sheet mask because that’s how good you feel when using this device. 

The hyper-infusion technology allows us to enjoy a pulsating and heated sensation, which works in different ways. The red light helps rejuvenate the skin and the green light is for removing hyper-pigmentation. So I used the latter around my mouth and forehead where I have the most uneven skin colour. 

Also, thermo-therapy allows the ingredients of the sheet mask to penetrate within those 90 seconds. On the other hand, cryo-therapy tightens and lifts your skin. 

Why You Need FOREO UFO In Your Life Too

As a busy working girl, I barely get time to care for myself. But this device has made my life so much easier. If you ask me, yes, it is a little on the pricier side with its S$403 price mark, but its totally worth it. 

After my first treatment, I patted the remaining juice from the sheet mask onto my face. And after just an hour I was left amazed by the results. My blemishes reduced, my skin was soft as a baby’s and my complexion looked much more bright. “Was I dreaming?” I remember asking this question when I saw my face in the mirror. 

The reality of this device is that you can give yourself a facial massage anywhere and anytime. Plus, the results on my super sensitive skin have been amazing (it is suitable for all skin types). And, it can easily be washed and has a guarantee period of 10 years!

In my opinion, if you really want glowing skin and are looking to invest in a product that can do wonders to your face, look no further than the FOREO UFO device. 

You can purchase this product here.  

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(Disclaimer: The FOREO device was sent to the writer for review and this article is a personal opinion.)

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Deepshikha Punj