Stop It Now! 21 Signs You're Obsessed With Instagram Fashion Bloggers

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Perhaps, the next time you pick up your cell to Instagram a moment, you might remember all these funny signs that for most of us are a reality! 

As much as we love social media---and we truly, madly, deeply do---we especially can't help but follow Instagram fashion bloggers. For most of us, they are front and centre on our feeds. 

We don't just want to know what they're upto, but also everything that's trending in the fashion circles. After all, they do get exclusive access to all the newest launches, thanks to followers like us! 

21 sings you crazily follow Instagram fashion bloggers 

But there will come a time---even if you are the biggest fashion blogger fan---when you realise that you may be following way too many. Lucky for you, we're can help you tell when to stop. Read on to know the signs that are screaming "Stop it, Now!" 

1. You can't eat your food unless you have a flat-lay option ready to be posted, even if that means you click 2,200 pictures turning your food into ice. 

2. You thumb is numb from tapping on "deets" (read credits).

3. You have an Instagram boyfriend. He may be the love of your life, but he is more importantly your Instagram photographer who should know how to take endless number of your pictures. All. The. Time. 


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4. For his birthday, you bought him a DSLR and a manual book, even though he wanted a PS4. 

5. You want your workspace to include a white desk and an insightful pastel cover book, sunnies, a Macbook, fresh-cut flowers, single opened lipstick and a bottle of fragrance on it. 

6. On weekends, you give yourself a social media cleanse by avoiding Instagram till noon. 

7. All. Those. Berries. 

8. You have seen every mirror in every restaurant, hotel and home you've ever been to because you have outfit pictures in front of each and every one of them.  

9. You want your gallery to have endless pictures of ice-cream cones in front of all the places you would ever visited. 


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10. You've considered quitting your job and starting your own business, just so you could be the next "Girl Boss." 

11. Also, you are no longer fazed by the 40,000 likes on your pictures of a flower market with people commenting on how amazing your life is. So last year, right! 

12. If there ever was a PhD on studying how to stack layers of rings together, you could be teaching in Oxford by now. 

13. You force yourself to follow some sports and news feeds just because your search bar is a compilation of fashion bloggers posing across the globe. 

14. You don't think it's unreasonable to buy S$1,476 GG Marmont matelassé leather belt bag anymore. Everybody has them! 


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15. When you don't feel boujee enough, you post motivational quotes. 

16. You think vacation pictures don't count unless you have a picture of the ocean through your wine glass or with you facing the beach with your giant jute hat on. 

17. Your food photos are incomplete without pictures of half-finished iced lattes and juices. 

18. You're endlessly searching for websites that offer Gucci and Chanel bags at the same price as Zara and H&M. 


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19. Whenever you feel a picture is incomplete, you toss in a few sunnies. 

20. You feel you have to insert a pictures of avocado on toast, even if you won't necessarily eat it.  

21. You no longer need a therapist to work on your low self-confidence issues, you have a motivational quote ready for the "Monday blues." 

Perhaps the next time you pick up your cell to Instagram a moment, you might remember all these funny signs that for most of us are a reality! 

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Deepshikha Punj