K-Pop Star CL Was In On The Fluorescent Hues Trend Way Before The Likes Of Kim K

K-Pop Star CL Was In On The Fluorescent Hues Trend Way Before The Likes Of Kim K

Lee Chae-rin aka CL was rocking the fluorescent hues trend long before the likes of Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively and Bella Hadid jumped onto the bandwagon

Fluorescent hues are having a moment right now. From Keeping Up With the Kardashains star Kim Kardashian to Hollywood actor Blake Lively and even supermodel Bella Hadid, everybody is rocking the neons like there is no tomorrow. 

But even before these fashionistas jumped on the bandwagon, K-popstar CL was already showing the world how to do it right.

Whether it was her fluorescent green and electric blue nail paint or her neon puffer jacket and bright Barbie pink heels, CL was giving neons their 15-seconds of fame. 

CL Was Rocking Fluorescent Hues Even Before Kim K 


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The famous pop star who recently appeared at the premier of her first movie Mile 22, had posted several pictures of herself rocking the fluorescent trend back in May.

Her colourful Instagram handle was proof that was already in on something that was soon going to turn into a fashion trend. 

And she didn't just stick to neons hues in her clothes. CL even went as far as colouring her hair neon green to give her flans a sneak peek into what is now a trend. 


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She posted three pictures of herself in her newly coloured hair and was inundated by positive response from her fans who seem to love her new avatar.

While some predicted her hair would soon be iconic, others said they loved her look and were waiting to see her new album in this look. 

Hollywood Celebs Jumps On The Fluorescent Hues Bandwagon Too


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Two months later, KUWTK star Kim Kardashian was at it. During her recent over Miami, the reality television star was seen rocking a similar neon greens all over the place.

The ever-so-outlandish makeup moghul even paired her clothes with her car in one look. And in another look she matched another one of her fancy cars to her neon green hair. Yes, she did! 

But she is not the only one to jump onto the fluorescent bandwagon soon after CL declared it a trend. Hollywood actor and actor Blake Lively who is often hailed for her style was also in on it. As was supermodel Bella Hadid.

All of the stylish ladies were rocking different hues of neon. But in all honesty, you can't really wear an all-neon look on the road each day. So how do you incorporate this latest trend in your wardrobe? Well, we have the solution. 

How To Wear Neon Without Looking Like a Glo-Stick!


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The trick to nail a neon look is to take it slow, unless you wanted to like a glo-stick. Here are five ways you can slay the fluorescent hues, look trendy and still classy. 

1. Standing On The Top 

Take your inspiration from Lively's coat and incorporate that into your look by keeping the rest simple. But if you want to go full neon like Lively, go ahead. After clothes are our way of expressing ourselves. 

2. Add Black To Your Outfit 

One way to let the neon do all the taking but still looking chic is to incorporate a bit of black. So a solid black-coloured well-fitted trouser and black top would go perfectly with a neon hued coat. It won't look jarring and let your fluorescent coat shine. 

3. Freshen Up Your Dress 

You don't have to stick to a coat. You can also try to incorporate a neon-coloured dress and add some black stockings to put the look together. This is a great option if you are going in from your job to a party. 

4. Keep Your Accessories To The Minimal  

Since you are already wearing a jarring (to some) colour as one piece of clothing, keep the accessories to the minimum. But if you are into accessories and really want to add some, we recommend opting for muted colours. 

5. Let The Pants Do The Talking  

Another great option to add fluorescent hues to your wardrobe is to add a neon-coloured bottom. It could be a skirt, skinny jeans or trousers, anything that floats your boat and is comfortable to wear. If you are happy with what you wear, your confidence will shine through and you can pull off anything. Even an all neon all!  

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