Meet The Fabulous Filipina Wrestlers Who Are Reigning Over The Ring!

Meet The Fabulous Filipina Wrestlers Who Are Reigning Over The Ring!

From fighting grapplers of the other gender to giving them black eyes, to gaining equal respect for their work, these Filipina wrestlers are doing it all

For centuries, women have been told that they are not strong enough to fight their own battles. That they are too dainty and physically weak. But these six Filipina wrestlers are shattering these 'man-made myths' and proving exactly how strong women can be. 

From fighting grapplers of the other gender to giving them black eyes to gaining equal respect for their work, these girls are doing it all. In fact, these amazing Filipina wrestlers have been changing the Pinoy wrestling scene and modernising it, even though there is no full-fledged women's division or even a women's championship belt. 

These fearless warriors are an inspiration and more women need to know their story. 

1. Crystal

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Philippine Wrestling," Crystal, is a household name in Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR). She made history as the first woman to debut in modern Filipino wrestling and has kicked some major butt in multiple intergender matches including the Philippine Hybrid X (PHX) Championship.

Her love for this predominantly male sport started because of her grandmother, who was a huge wrestling fan. She especially loved Bret Hart and Undertaker and encouraged Crystal to take up the sport professionally.

Fuelled by her love for her grandmother and how happy it made her feel, Crystal decided to not only take it up herself but also had a few of her closest school friends apply into PWR.

But she was the only one who continued and turned her grandmother's dreams into a reality; becoming one of the top rated Filipina wrestlers. 

In fact, Crystal is not just a famous pro-wrestler in the Philippines, other Southeast Asian countries are also aware of her wrestling prowess. She was part of the Queen of Asia Championship of Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) in October 2017, and flew to Malaysia to compete in the Asia Wrestling Entertainment.

Just last March, she was also a challenger at the Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling in Thailand.

Crystal dreams of becoming the first Filipina to join the WWE and by the looks of it, we are sure she'll achieve this as well. 

2. Robynn

Robynn's introduction to wrestling was because of a crush. Yes, you read that right!

She was fascinated by American wrestler Jeff Hardy--who she has revealed in several of her interviews--inspired her to watch wrestling. That led to her watching female wrestlers Lita and Trish Stratus, who later became her inspirations. 

Her actual journey to becoming a pro-wrestler started when she met Senior Referee Matt Roxas during her college days. He invited her to watch PWR Renaissance in 2014, and having seen Hardy, Stratus and Lita, she instantly knew this sport was her calling. 

At the time though, she couldn't join and train for PWR because she was underage. So to pursue her dreams of becoming one she did what most amateurs do--she worked odd jobs at the ringside. Among them was crowd control. But as soon as she turned 18, she joined a new boot camp and started training.

Just two years later in 2016, along with queer wrestler Martivo, Robynn competed in the PWR Tag Team. She also competed twice in the multi-person Path of Gold Match.

Today, Robynn is a part of the Punk Doll tag team at PWR and hopes to inspire other aspiring Filipina wrestlers to join the sport.

3. Tala Haliya

Anna Andrea aka Tala Haliya started out by helping in the art department and working as a backstage staff. Now she is one of the founding members of MWF that handles other Filipina wrestlers like Ashura.

She juggles her time between her corporate work and wrestling and training schedules. And while she has not stepped in the ring as a fighter yet but hopes to give fans a show they will never forget.

4. Starling

Originally a cyclist and a fitness enthusiast, Starling is known for her outspoken personality and her refusal to bow down to sexist comments. In fact, she is quite vocal about her fight against those who consider women an inferior race. And that's why she fights to prove that women can reign the wrestling world. 

Incidentally,Staling has often been called “crazy” for doing "unladylike" activities.

Her journey into the world of female wrestling began when wrestler Cheyza Brown recruited Starling into AOWW through a bodybuilding thread she joined. He pushed her to go through it and started training her in November 2017.

She debuted as the first woman in Art of War Wrestling (AOWW), and after a successful match with fellow wrestler Silent D, she now aims to compete internationally.

5. Ashura

An up-and-comer in the female Filipina wrestling circuit, Ashura's inspirations to get into the sport were Akira Hokuto, Manami Toyota, and Shinobu Kandori. She is a huge fan of All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling (AJW) and her style is reflection of her inspiration. 

Currently a part of Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF), Ashura has taken it upon herself to inspire other Filipina wrestlers.

“Build up a lot of heart and will power, lower your ego, put your body to the limit, and prepare to give all of yourself in the ring,” she said in an interview.

In case you haven't seen Ashura's mean punch, we recommend catching her live during the MWF 3: Republika at the UP Bahay ng Alumni on July 8, 2018. You can check out their Facebook page for more details.

6. Queen Rogue

Often touted as the Queen of Philippine Wrestling, Rogue is a name to reckon with. She packs a powerful punch in the ring and is smack down her opponents with her power moves. 

Her journey into the world of wrestling started since she was a kid. She would watch WWE and wanted to be one of the wrestlers. Her resolution to become one of the wrestlers became stronger when she saw female wrestling superstars including Trish Stratus, Lita, AJ Lee, and Beth Phoenix.   

Since getting into the federation, Queen Rogue has proved her mettle. So much so that she was in a match against “The Godkiller” Dabid Ravena along with Hybrid where she slammed the former with a Samoan drop; making her a formidable force.

Her brute force in the ring is proof that Filipina wrestlers can be tough and powerful.  

More power to these game-changers!

(Feature & lead image courtesy: Crystal PWR and Rogue - AOWW)