Rihanna Launches Savage x Fenty Valentine’s Day Collection

Rihanna Launches Savage x Fenty Valentine’s Day Collection

With Fenty clothing, Rihanna's overall message about focusing on a savage kind of self love is worth remembering

Superstar-businesswoman Rihanna is leapfrogging into 2019 with a bang, launching new products to satisfy excited fans of her inclusive brands. After unveiling 50 shades of Pro Filt’r concealer on New Year’s Day, her next move with her Fenty clothing brand was the pre-Valentine’s Day launch of a line of lingerie on January 9.

The company released the pieces on Savage x Fenty’s website.  

While inviting customers to shop the collection on the e-commerce site, her new collection of lingerie features a range of delightful Valentine-inspired pieces. All meant for badass ladies everywhere.

Fenty Clothing Takes Lingerie To The Next Level

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Out to rid the world of cheesy lingerie once and for all, Rihanna launched sheer camisoles, cut-out and revealing bodysuits, heart-shaped pasties, and lip-printed briefs modelled after the previous line of body-positive briefs and bras.

“Lingerie is not just about exploiting the female body, it’s about celebrating it and that’s what Savage x is all about,” said Rihanna. She revealed that Savage X Fenty holds nothing back when it comes to celebrating women.

Savage to me is such a powerful word. Especially for women, you know. Women are usually looked at as weak and needy and Savage is just that different woman. It is the opposite of that, she powerful, she’s in charge, and she’s taking ownership of all the choices she makes," she continued.

"Savage X is about respect," said the popstar-turned-entrepreneur. "Do what you do. Be unapologetically you. Embrace individuality, she added.”

SavageXFenty Valentine's Day Lingerie Collection: What To Buy

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Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, and don't forget to browse the collection here. It's available in sizes 32A to 44DD in bras, and XS to 3X in briefs, and is priced from $20 to $68.

Although Riri's "all inclusive lingerie" got rave reviews as it launched, soon controversy surrounded it.  

Controversy Hits Savage X Fenty

Truthfully, taste is subjective, and who is to judge what is sexy and what is not?

Nonetheless, Twitter user Alysse Dalessandro (@ReadyToStare) recently tweeted about significant differences in design between the straight and plus size collections with Savage X Fenty’s recently released Valentine’s Day lingerie collection.

She placed two photos of the “Hearts” bralette for sizes S-XL and sizes 1X-3X to draw attention to the plus size design's lack of the same strappy, skin-bearing detail with the straight collection.

“I understand construction cannot always be the same for plus size (especially in lingerie) but I know you can do strappy bralettes in plus, so why do brands do this?” she wrote, including examples from other brands in the same thread.

Other Twitter users also noticed the design differences with the other products on the site, claiming that the 'sexier' designs seem to be reserved for sizes S-XL, not plus size.

The plus size options are much more 'limited', 'covered', and, as someone pointed out, a completely “different type of sexy.”  

Lack of similar sexy designs for plus size women could further prove the idea that people over a certain size are not sexy and should not bare skin. This, despite the Fenty clothing brand's best intention.

As Savage X Fenty positions itself as an inclusive brand, it becomes even more important that customers larger than a size XL do not feel excluded.

An interesting note is that the two bralettes are of slightly different names, the straight style called “Hearts Half Cup Bralette,” and the plus size one a “Hearts Bralette,” which could imply that this Fenty clothing brand decided on two distinct styles for the two sizes.

Fenty Clothing Promotes Body Positivity And Inclusivity

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Despite the surrounding controversy, Rihanna still charges ahead and first disrupted lingerie with her inclusive Savage x Fenty fashion show at New York Fashion Week this past September.

In response to Garden of Eden comparisons, she said after the show, “It’s funny you say Garden of Eden, because it is mixing the really organic, authentic things of the world and meshing it with what we see in the future or what we hope to see in the future: Women being celebrated in all forms and all body types and all races and all cultures. It’s a celebration of womanhood.”

“I think it’s a shame women have to feel insecure or self-conscious about how their bodies look. They’ve been taught by society that only one thing works,” Rihanna continued.

As a strong advocate of body positivity and inclusivity, the singer has once again given ladies the vote of confidence. And, the approval to be ourselves.

Note to self: Rihanna's overall message about focusing on a savage kind of self love all year is worth remembering.

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