Check In With The Stars: Your February 2019 Horoscope

Check In With The Stars: Your February 2019 HoroscopeCheck In With The Stars: Your February 2019 Horoscope

Our resident astrologer gives you the low-down on what February has in store for you.

Here's what the stars have in store for you in your February 2019 horoscope.

Chiron, the comet that represents the wounded healer in all of us, makes its way out of a Pisces retrograde and into Aries on February 18th, where it’s going to stay until 2027. We’re now being urged to stand up for ourselves, especially in the face of maltreatment, bullying, and harmful judgment. Instead of going into a rage when the world rages on us, we’re asked to patientlyconsider how hurt people hurt people. Compassion is key in the face of aggression. Change kicks in but in an unexpected and mindful way.

Your February 2019 Horoscope


You have no problem putting yourself out there—do that pre-Valentine’s Day to secure your February 14 plans. Come V-Day though, remember that relationships involve give and take. It can’t be ME ME ME all the time. When Venus and Saturn get together on the 18th, you’ll figure out what you want out of love and life.

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Cast a wider net this month when it comes to your dating life. Venus sits in Capricorn from Febraury 3rduntil the end of the month—you’re encouraged to break out of your comfort zone, no matter how much you resist. Flirting abilities go full force during the Virgo full supermoon on the 19th.

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Geminis in relationships may find themselves getting antsy during Venus-Uranus trine on February 2nd. Give yourself some Me Time so you can get your personal affairs in order pre-V-Day. If you solider through this restlessness and repress your emotions, you may be tempted to play hooky and do something you’ll regret.

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Face it, you’ve been wanting to DTR for a while now and Venus and Saturn are calling you out on it. Assess your status seriously after all the Valentine’s hoopla is over. Do some hard reflecting on what you want out of a committed relationship. Do you really want to get serious with the one you’re with? Give it a lot of thought.

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You’re going to learn how to bide your time patiently this month, Leo. As Mercury enters Pisces on February 10th, you may experience a lot of starts and stops when it comes to your relationships. See them through and don’t give up. That huge heart of yours is more resilient than you think.

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An unlikely match is imminent right after Hearts Day passes. When Venus and Saturn get together on February 18, significant leaps forward could speed things up in your love life. Thought you were content in that plateau you’ve been sitting on for months and years now? Think again. Your partner might surprise you.

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You kick off the month diving into some deep-seated baggage you’ve been carrying since your childhood days. With the Mars-Pluto square on February 1st, you’re being asked to heal old wounds. Don’t rush the process and work through your triggers. Take it one step at a time, Libra.

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Love—the real kind of love—may take a little longer to kick in than what you initially expected. Mercury sits in Pisces starting February 10thbut goes retrograde in March, giving you a pushback you couldn’t have anticipated. Take a breath, Scorpio. Things need to get a little messy before they pick up their pace again.

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You’re always full speed ahead with your romantic decisions. This month’s Mars-Pluto square starting on February 1stseems to be the enabler that pushes you further into quick-paced, devil-may-care territory. Rein yourself in when you can. Catch yourself when you know you’re being irresponsible. Love doesn’t have to be dangerous.

Style tip: Wear your heart on your sleeve and your nails with a fire engine red mani.


While you may plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in relative peace, you may find your temper flaring up uncharacteristically around this time of year. The Mars-Uranus combo on February 13th may have your emotions spilling out. Be careful that you unleash all your pent-up rage in a healthy, diplomatic way.

Style tip: Tame this month’s insatiable need to blurt everything out with a toned down, nude lippie.


It may be the month of hearts, but your mind is off love and more on money. With Mercury in Pisces on February 10th, you’ll be more concerned about getting your act together when it comes to your finances. If you didn’t spend the New Year strategizing and planning, do it now. You’re on to something good.

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Check In With The Stars: Your February 2019 Horoscope

When was the last time you stirred the pot when it comes to your love life? On February 2nd, we get a Venus-Uranus trine, encouraging you to kindly step out of your comfort zone. Get your long-time partner to experiment and do something bold. If you’re single, go ahead and ask that person you’ve been interested out already.

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