Fatima Loo: This Rapping Nurse Is Here To Heal You With Her Verses

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"Nurse Rapper" Fatima Loo isn't afraid to confront social issues in her raps — here's why.

In the Philippines, where most young ladies are encouraged by their families to be a nurse, doctor, or even a lawyer, this young lady has done something much more. Fatima Loo not only became a nurse, but has in the past couple of years become a prolific new star in the country's hip-hop scene. Wide-eyed and incredibly friendly, Fatima Loo seems like the typical girl next door — until you give her a mic. She spits rhymes like it is her business, and makes it look hella good. 

HerStyleAsia was able to sit down with her for a quick chit-chat about where she came from and what her dreams are. Read for yourself who and what makes Fatima Loo tick. 

Fatima Loo: This Rapping Nurse Is Here To Heal You With Her Verses

HerStyleAsia: What is your background? Where are you from? 

Fatima Loo: I was born and raised in Manila. I am a product of a miner and a teacher, who both eventually turned into a businessman and a businesswoman. Then later on, my father became a government official and a public servant.

HSA: When did you decide to become a nurse?

FL: I originally wanted to become a doctor, however, during my time in college, nursing seemed to be the most promising course. I also thought that since nobody in the family is in the medical field, I decided to give it a shot. 

HSA: What was the craziest thing you had to do on duty? 

FL: To sing and rap in front of my patients.

HSA: Have you ever saved a life?

FL: Yes, a lot of times.

HSA: When did you decide to become a rapper? Who or what was your inspiration? 

FL: I was originally a break dancer and a poet. I decided to become a rapper after watching a few local emcees on a hip-hop event. They inspired me and eventually I convinced myself that I could do the same.

HSA: What were/are your influences in music? 

FL: My influences in music growing up are first of all my Father, Andy, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. I remember I was eight years old and I would just watch 'On and on' on MTV. Also, the first ever album I bought for myself was 'The Score' by the Fugees and I would listen to it all day. I also grew up listening to The Roots, TLC, Bone Thugs and Common.

HSA: What inspires you? 

FL: What inspires me is whatever I see and feel. God. Also, the idea of inspiring others.

Fatima Loo: This Rapping Nurse Is Here To Heal You With Her Verses

HSA: What would be your dream gig? 

FL: My dream gig would be to play at Coachella or play for the King or Queen or the Pope. Also, play at the Main stage of Fete dela Musique in Paris.

HSA: Who or what would be your dream collaboration? 

FL: The Roots x Stevie Wonder x Lauryn Hill

HSA: Who would you want to work with? 

FL: Internationally, Lauryn Hill, Common and Erykah Badu.  Locally, Gary V and Bamboo.

HSA: What are your thoughts on the music today? 

FL: Music to me right now, has been very versatile. Though sometimes I think most of them lack sense, in a way, creativity and ingenuity exudes through it and people are able to openly accept it because music evolves over time and so are people. 

HSA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

FL: In five years, I see myself with my own albums, performing internationally and locally and having my own happy family.

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HSA: Do you have any personal advocacies?

Women's rights and labourers' rights. Also, making socially conscious music. 

HSA: Why are they important to you? 

FL: I believe women should be respected at all times and treated the same level as men. Labourers' rights are important to me because I was once a nurse and an employee who was overworked, abused and underpaid. I believe labourers should be treated well and compensated properly. As a musician, being socially conscious can help inspire people to be aware of the current situations we are facing and how we can be part of its solution.

HSA: Who are the acts right now we should all be listening to? 

FL: Right now, locally, do check out Peaceful Gemini, DB, Bawal Clan, Brass Pas Pas Pas and Ben and Ben. Foreign, I highly suggest Tank and the Bangas, August Greene and Mumu Fresh.

HSA: What is the best piece of advice that has stuck with you throughout your career? 

FL: Give good, get good. I always believed that whatever I have, I do not own. God has given us gifts to use it for others and not to be kept. I rap and sing to my patients to inspire and motivate them to get better and in return, my video went viral and from that point on, my career as an artist was eventually reborn. 

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