Watch Out! Brands Are Now Exclusively Catering To Fashion For The Millennials

Watch Out! Brands Are Now Exclusively Catering To Fashion For The Millennials

Streetwear and high-end luxury brands are finally opening up their market to cater to fashion for the millennials and social media is to be credited.

Fashion for the millennials is no longer just about trends. It has become non-conforming and aspirational. Media-savvy youngsters are just as much the future of luxury consumption as they are of streetwear. 

And thanks to unique career choices, many of us have more spending power than our previous generations.

In fact, according to a white paper penned by marketing expert Pam Danziger, "By 2035, millennials will have the potential to become the largest spending generation in history." 

No wonder then, high fashion brands are trying to woo this millennial generation with out-of-the-box marketing. They are also successfully targetting the huge fan following of "influencers" and fashion bloggers.

However, in this race only a handful of luxury brands have managed to break the ice with millennials. Five in particular have managed to attract the young monied crowd.  

Fashion For The Millennials: Brands Are Focussing On Young Guns

1. Off-White  


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It's not particularly everyday in the world of fashion that a man of colour starts a high-end streetwear brand, makes it successful and then lands the top job at one of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world.

Yes, we're talking about Virgil Abloh and his company Off-White. 

Abloh, an American citizen, founded Off-White in 2013 with the intention of making streetwear credible and artistic. Abloh was inspired by his architecture background.

He understood that millennials weren't interested to run after brands. They want to create their own style and wear what they want, irrespective of the brand. And it is this understanding that helped Abloh develop his brand and connect with 20 somethings. 

Over the years, Off-White has managed to attain a cult status owing to the graphically designed pieces being worn by celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyonce. 

2. Fenty X Puma 


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Rihanna clearly knows how to connect with her millennial audience. If it isn't with her songs, it's with her fashion choices. And the one she recently made has certainly gone pretty well with 20 somethings. 

Her collaboration with sports brand Puma led to a whole new fashion brand. In fact, today she is both the creative director and brand ambassador of the brand. 

The pieces from the brand's collections are gothic and coquettish, a style that is synonymous with Riri. 

Her pieces, especially the fur slides and the velvet creepers are a massive hit with youngsters and sell out almost as immediately as they are brought out. 

3. Yeezy by Kanye West 


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Who would have thought that a day would come when millennials (some of whom loathe the Kardashians) would buy everything they model. Including Kanye's Yeezy

Ever since Kanye ventured into the fashion industry, he has made the right noises. Especially with his sneaker collaboration with Nike, bringing about an althleisure revolution.

The collaboration with the coveted footwear brand has earned him a lot of praise from fashion-forward millennials. They not only like his designs but also relate to his outspoken persona that in turn adds to his brand's appeal.

4. Vetements 


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If you walk down Dover Street, you'll notice the Vetements showroom standing out for its non-conforming high-street style. Their unisex silhouettes and oversized cuts resonate with the rebellious, rule-breaking millennial crowd.   

Their designs are also quite anti-fashion and are not really for the high luxury lovers. But that's what makes it exciting.

If that wasn't enough to "connect," for 2017 Paris Couture Week last year, the brand debuted their collection of 54 mens and womenswear looks. These consisted of  collaborations with 18 other brands, including Reebok, Brioni, Levi’s, Juicy Couture and Dr. Martens. How's that for millennial connect!

5. Louis Vuitton 

Yes, you read that right. The French luxury retain company Louis Vuitton Malletier aka Louis Vuitton, has also managed to ride the wave and is catering to woke millennials as well.

They have successfully managed to reach out to monied masses through their digital marketing campaigns and social media pages. In fact, off late they have been collaborating with several high-street brands to make LV look more attainable including Supreme. And the brand recently hired Virgil Abloh as their menswear collection's artistic director. 

Plus, it also helps that they have several young ambassadors taking their brand to the millennials including Takanori Iwata, Sehun Oh, and Rihanna among others. 

While these are still high-end and come in the luxury vertical, they are aspirational and connect well with millennials. As more and more 20 somethings enter their peak earning years, they will have enough to experience luxury living. And that's not restricted to bags and shoes but an entire experience and includes food and travel as well. These brands seem to understand that aspirational aspect that also borders non-conformation. 

And with social media platforms like Instagram taking over the fashion world, only time will tell just how much other brands will be willing to change themselves according to time. 

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Deepshikha Punj