These 5 Facts About Lipsticks Will Change Your Shopping Style

These 5 Facts About Lipsticks Will Change Your Shopping Style

Choosing the right lipstick shade can be stressful. Luckily, with a few facts about lipsticks it can be easy to make the right choice.

With an endless palette of undertones, consistencies, finishes and brands, choosing the right lipstick for yourself can be overwhelming. Unless you are an expert and only trust one brand for all your makeup needs, placing your bets on a new lipstick is not simple.

What if you choose the wrong colour and the texture doesn’t go with your skin tone?  

But here’s the thing: choosing a lipstick is not all that tedious. Luckily, with a few facts  and guidelines it can be easy to choose lipsticks that are right for you.

5 Facts About Lipsticks That’ll Help You Pick The Best One

1. Lipsticks must match your skin’s undertone

First thing’s first, it helps tremendously to know your skin’s undertone. Are you warm-toned, cool-toned or do you have a neutral skin undertone?

This small key is crucial in determining the best colour and texture suitable for you. The easiest way is to check your wrists, for the colour of your veins. If you notice green-coloured veins, you have a warm undertones.

On the other hand, if you spot blue or purple-coloured veins, you are cool toned. And if you spot veins where the colour overlaps between green and blue or you cannot tell the colour at all, you have a neutral skin undertone.  

Typically, for warm-toned girls lip colours in warm shades will work best. So, in addition to orange or bright reds you can also try warm browns and peachy nudes.

For somebody with cool skin undertones lipsticks with shades of blue and purple as well as pinks and nudes will work really well. As for those with neutral skin undertones, any colour will work!

2. Lipstick shades must compliment the occasion

The second important factor in choosing your lipstick is its purpose. Are you looking for an everyday wear or for special wear?

If you are looking for a colour that is your-lips-but-better, then test it out on your lips. To check how close the colour is to your natural lips, apply it on your lower lips. Now compare it to your upper lips. If there is a drastic difference, keep looking.

For a special occasion if you want a deeper colour, apart from your skin tone you should also bear in mind that such shades (especially matte) make your lips appear thinner. While lighter shades and glossies will plump your lips.

facts about lipsticks

Your skin tone plays an important part when it comes to choosing the right red. | Image courtesy: Instagram/Givenchy Beauty

3. Pick the the ‘perfect’ red 

A red lipstick is like a coveted prize — you wear it only on special occasions. Although nobody follows such rules anymore, but the fact is that a red lipstick can make or break your entire look.

That’s why it’s crucial to pick the right shade of red. But if you find something that breaks such “rules” but looks great, go for it.

Again, your skin tone plays an important part when it comes to choosing the right red. If you are fair or light-skinned, you can pick from dusty pinks, pinkish red and even corals. A raspberry red is perfect for cool-toned gals, and a red with blue undertones and corals are best for warm toned gals.

If you are tanned or have a medium skin-tone try a cherry red and vivid berries. You can try a bright red for a neutral skin undertone. For warm skin undertones a tangerine red is perfect, while for a cool-toned person wine red is great.

Finally, deeper skin tones can try wine reds.

4. Try it out 

Try the lipstick before you purchase. Drawing a few swatches on your wrists will not do justice to its actual colour and you may have to try it on your lips using a tester.

If you don’t want to apply the tester directly onto your lipswhich we don’t advocate—test it on cotton pads or napkins and on your fingertips (they are the closest match to your lip’s natural shade).

Try testing the colour in natural lights. As you know the artificial lights inside the store is not really idea when choosing a colour. They can either brighten or dull down the actual colour. This will also help you determine the look that will suit you best i.e; matte, creme, satin or gloss.

And if you are still unsure, ask for help from an expert at the counter.

5. Match your makeup look with your lipstick

The purpose of a lipstick is to compliment your look whether as a statement or as a complimentary addition. So if you really want your clothes to stand out or your makeup to make a statement, understate one.

If you go bold on your lips, take the rest of your makeup down a notch and go for subtle-coloured clothes.

On the other hand, if you want your clothes to shine, you can go for minimalistic makeup. The choice, of course is yours. You don’t really have to adhere to these “rules.”

You may prefer to make both your clothes as well as your lipstick standout with bold colours.

However, if there was one advice we could give you, it is to absolutely avoid wearing your lipstick and your clothes in the same colour. This is a major fashion faux pas.

Other than keeping these few things in mind, enjoy the experience of buying a new lip shade. It can perk up your day, add a dash of colour to your face and there is no problem you can’t solve if you don’t have your favourite lipstick on!

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Deepshikha Punj