13 Of The Best Tweets About The Facebook And Instagram Blackout

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How will we EVER survive?!

Facebook down? By now, you would have heard of (or more likely, experienced firsthand) the Facebook and Instagram blackout debacle spreading across the world, and no one knows why yet. Earlier, Facebook had announced on Twitter that they are "focused on working to resolve the issue as soon as possible." But until then, we can only sit back and let the drama unfold on Twitter. Because, where else can you go? Read on below for some of the standout tweets from users that caught our attention!

Facebook Down: Best Tweets From Facebook And Instagram Blackout

1. Because where else?

2. Look on the bright side

3. Anyone else hiring?

4. Not too far fetched

5. Oh right, snapchat...

6. Life must go on

7. I feel ya, Emily

8. So much for "influencers"

9. The grass is always greener on the other side

10. Life after social media

11. Three hours later...

12. Perhaps this is the happiness we have all been seeking for?

13. Remember Myspace?

Hey let's face it, we all needed a break from social media anyway.

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Melia Widjaja