Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: When It's Safe to Exercise and Why It's Good For You

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: When It's Safe to Exercise and Why It's Good For YouPregnancy Top Tips 2022: When It's Safe to Exercise and Why It's Good For You


There are a number of things you shouldn't do when you're pregnant. The obvious ones like skydiving, bungee jumping, and other extreme activities are, of course, out of the picture. You are also advised not to eat raw sushi and unpasteurized cheeses. Vices like smoking, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol are also obvious no-nos. For pet owners, pregnant women must also remember not to clean the kitty litter box. But what about exercise during pregnancy? Should you rule out physical movement when you're expecting?

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: When It's Safe to Exercise and Why It's Good For You

Is it safe to exercise when pregnant?

Answer these three questions first:

  1. Are you generally healthy?
  2. Have you never experienced bleeding or spotting, low placenta, threatened or recurrent miscarriage, previous premature births or history of early labor, or weak cervix?
  3. Is your pregnancy growing smoothly?

If you answer yes for all of these, then there's no reason you can't get moving. It's safe to exercise while you're pregnant as long as you avoid new exercise regimes. It's also good to remember that pregnancy is a healthy part of life. It's neither a sickness nor a disability so it's fine to exercise--provided you're deemed fit and you meet the three criteria above. But as always, consult with your doctor to see if you can get the all-clear. They know your medical history and pregnancy progress, so they are qualified to give you advice on this matter.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: When It's Safe to Exercise and Why It's Good For You

As long as you and your doctor have determined it's safe for you to exercise while you're pregnant, then go ahead. There are countless benefits of exercise for you and your baby. Here are some of them:

  • can help with labor and delivery
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves posture and alleviates body aches
  • reduces back pain
  • reduces swelling of the legs
  • strengthens pelvic floor muscles 
  • reduces the risk of pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes
  • improves mood
  • reduces anxiety
  • boosts your energy levels
  • lowers risk of preterm delivery or having an overweight baby

Know more about the awesome benefits of exercise during pregnancy by reading this article.

What to watch out for

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: When It's Safe to Exercise and Why It's Good For You

Although it's generally safe to workout during pregnancy, there are some types of exercise that you'll want to steer clear from as these can endanger you and your little one.

These include:

  • vigorous exercises that involve sudden posture changes as these may risk the placenta detaching from the uterus wall
  • contact sports like hockey and volleyball
  • exercises that involve lying on your back since this can interfere with blood circulation and reduce the blood flow to the heart of your baby
  • workouts that make you stand for long periods
  • those with high risk of falling like skiing, roller blading, horseback riding, and the like
  • scuba diving since it can cause gas bubbles to form in the bloodstream and may risk miscarriage and birth defects
  • high-intensity aerobics
  • running (unless you're an experienced runner)
  • high-altitude sports like mountaineering

So now you know what you should keep away from. But what about those that you can do? Keep reading.

Safe exercises for each trimester

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: When It's Safe to Exercise and Why It's Good For You

We have to emphasize that before doing any of these, you should get your doctor's go-ahead to ensure your safety and your baby's too. Here are some exercise tips for every trimester.

During the first trimester, when pregnancy symptoms are at their peak for most expectant moms, you can do light exercises like prenatal yoga, swimming, and light weight lifting. These build cardiovascular and core strength.  

When you reach your second trimester, there should be fewer pregnancy symptoms for the majority of pregnant women. At this time, you can build your strength. You can continue with exercises like swimming and low-impact (non-hot) yoga. You can also pay special attention to your pelvic floor to prepare for delivery. 

By the time you're in your third trimester, also known as the final stretch, you can focus on flexibility. Keep at yoga and weight lifting. Just avoid crunches and exercises that make you lie on your back. 

Aside from these, other simple exercises you can try are dancing, indoor cycling, and walking. As for specific workouts you can do for every trimester, you may try the following:

  • plie
  • leg lifts
  • plank
  • the clam
  • arm workout

Find tutorials about these workouts here.

Running is also an accessible form of workout for pregnant moms. However, unless you have prior experience running, it may not be the best decision to start doing this for the first time. 

Other exercise tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: When It's Safe to Exercise and Why It's Good For You

We've given you the specifics on exercise during pregnancy, but we have a few other final reminders for you:

  • It can get pretty hot and humid here in Singapore. It's best to exercise early in the morning or in the evening so you won't feel too warm. Make sure the place where you're exercising is also well-ventilated. Don't forget to put pregnancy-safe sunscreen when going out!
  • Remember to drink plenty of water. You wouldn't want to be dehyrated.
  • Reduce the intensity of the workouts as your pregnancy progresses, or at least consider the additional weight of the baby.
  • If you feel anything wrong or you experience faintness, spotting, or pain, stop immediately and check in with your doctor. Don't have a trusted doctor yet? We've scoured the island for the best of the best, and we've rounded them up for you. Read this article and find your gynaecologist.
  • Use proper workout clothes and make sure you are comfortable. Your growing baby bump may make it challenging for you to exercise, but with the right support, you can. A godsend for many-moms, the pregnancy support belt is one of the best things you can buy while you're pregnant. These are created to give support to the mom-to-be's lower backs and baby bumps. 


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