Yes, You Can Leave A 'Bad' First Date Within 20 Minutes!

Yes, You Can Leave A 'Bad' First Date Within 20 Minutes!Yes, You Can Leave A 'Bad' First Date Within 20 Minutes!

You shouldn't have to look for excuses to leave a bad date or endure a roast just because you agreed to go out with a total douchebag. 

Going on your first date can be quite nerve-wrecking. You don't know what to expect. It could turn out to be the best decision you ever took or you could end up looking for excuses to leave a bad date.

Whatever the case, there is a lot that you can takeaway from it. Noticing a different side of your personality, uncovering ways to befriend a total stranger and experiencing the spark and attraction you'd been running after, are just some of them. 

But dating experts suggest that you shouldn't be so goody-goody when it comes to your first date. If it is a disaster, leave!

As Laurie Davis, founder of the Worthy One tells The Washington Post, "I’m really big on not making excuses for leaving. Don’t say: “I have an early meeting; I should get going. But actually just speaking your truth," She adds that you shouldn't hesitate even if you have to say, “You know what, I’m going to get home.”

Don't look for excuses to leave a bad date, blurt out the truth! 

While Los Angeles-based life coach Francesca Hogi agrees with Davis, she does that you shouldn't expect to like somebody the very first time you meet them. This, especially given the fact that an average first date might last an hour.

“One mistake a lot of daters make is they’re expecting to know right away if they’re compatible with someone. That’s a limiting way to approach dating,” Hogi tells the Post. She advises that you should give yourself a minimum of an hour before you give up. 

“I’m going to give myself an opportunity to see if I can establish a connection with this person. Even if you’re not going to see the person again, doesn’t mean that date can’t be a valuable experience," she adds. 

Give your date a chance, but don't let them go overboard

But the experts suggest that giving your date time to connect with you doesn't mean you shouldn't leave if they are too offensive or are crossing the line. You should! 

As Leslie Mendoza, 23, a Singapore-based media professional tells HerStyleAsia, "I went on a date with this guy who was so sexist and continued to make sarcastic comments on my appearance. He even mocked my accent, my weight and the restaurant I chose for us to have dinner. Nothing pleased him!"

Almost 25 minutes into the date, Mendoza decided to pick up her bag and leave.   

Unfortunately, there are many women like Mendoza, she is not alone. Many of us have been there and done that.

And honestly, there is no shame in leaving a date you think isn't going well. You shouldn't have to endure a roast just because you agreed to go out with what you now know was a douchebag. 

Source: Washington Post 

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Deepshikha Punj