Ericka Villongco: "I Don't Regret Calling Nadine A Copycat"

Ericka Villongco: "I Don't Regret Calling Nadine A Copycat"Ericka Villongco: "I Don't Regret Calling Nadine A Copycat"

The saga continues...

Ericka Villongco has been getting a lot of flak over the past couple of weeks. After a series of social media posts that seemed to throw shade at Nadine Lustre for copying her style from Ericka, the latter has (unsurprisingly) been getting tons of negative attention. Nadine has since spoken up about the Ericka Villongco copycat issue, saying that she doesn't copy her style from any one person in particular, and now, Ericka has finally said her part about the controversy, confirming that she really was calling out Nadine in her cryptic posts.

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Ericka Villongco Copycat Issue: Ericka Has No Regrets

Ericka told that she wasn't following Nadine on Instagram, but that the Ericka Villongco copycat issue started after her fans started tagging her in "multiple photos" to show her how the similarities between Nadine's current style and her own.

"My fans were tagging me in multiple photos comparing the same top I wore months back, the same caption, her lip fillers and several other aesthetic resemblances. I remember thinking to myself 'wow, this girl can get any bag she wants, but she bought the same YSL I had?

"It just started to look like a trend of the many different things I was so proud to love."

The social media star went on to say that she doesn't regret calling out Nadine.

"It's not my character to ruin someone's reputation over a mere guess or feeling but, I'm sorry to say, I don't regret calling Nadine a copycat."

Ericka met Nadine on the set of Diary ng Panget (which starred Nadine and James Reid).

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"I always thought she was a beautiful girl," Ericka said. "But I take pride in who I am and all the aesthetic life choices that go with my personality so when you have an art style so close to your soul, you know by heart when someone's just replicating it."

She went on to say that she didn't want to think badly of Nadine, but after being compared for so long, and even receiving "hateful" comments for merely being James' ex, she couldn't take it anymore.

"In all honesty, I'm kinda flattered... but I'm only human and it started to bug me when these comments came along with hateful ones as well. These people have called me many hurtful things over the years for merely being the ex-girlfriend of James and that is not fair.

"It took me a while for to heal from those wounds & I can finally say that I'm out here living MY OWN truth & MY best life. I welcome everyone to view my private life on social media but I want these fans to know that the person I show is only a mere percentage of the human being I am in real life."

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