What's My Egyptian Zodiac Sign?

What's My Egyptian Zodiac Sign?What's My Egyptian Zodiac Sign?

Let your Egyptian Zodiac Sign point you to the right path.

Different cultures all around the world have a close and intimate relationship with the stars and the galaxy. While Western astrology has dominated most of what pop culture takes as the cold hard facts, folks on the other side of the planet experience a multitude of ways to interpret the stars. The Chinese are known for the animals that represent the different years in their zodiac system. And the ancient Egyptians—doused in mystery and esotericism—have their own lineage too.

Let’s cross-reference our sun signs with the gods of the Egyptian pantheon and see if astrology from different parts of the globe line up.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Osiris

The god of the underworld may seem like a dark and shady character, but he actually represents the complex, dual nature of people. Osiris maintains Aries’ loud, restless and opinionated stance on the world, but also mirrors their deep sensitivity and volatile decision-making. It would stand to reason that the boldness, impatience, and fiery temper Aries is known for just masks how fragile they are on the inside.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Amun-Ra

Taurus isn’t typically associated with leadership qualities, but the ancient Egyptians believed people born during this season to manifest the qualities of Amun-Ra, god of creation. The hardiness and down to earth quality of Taurus makes a great foundation for them to get creative. Sometimes irresponsibly optimistic, Amun-Ra mirror’s Taurus stubbornness with their egos never wanting to give in and admit they’re wrong.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Seth

If you’ve ever felt the flip-flopping wishy-washy nature of Gemini, you’ve experienced the full range of Seth’s thoughts, emotions and astrological prowess. The god of chaos likes to keep life “interesting,” by diving deep into life’s lows and rising up to all its highs too. As disordered and maddening Seth’s energy can be, the rest of the zodiac could learn a lesson or two from his ability to live life fully and be always in the moment.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Bastet

If you’re a feline-friendly Cancer, then you’re in luck because the Egyptians say you’re closest to Bastet, the goddess of cats. There’s a reason cats have nine lives—they’re keen on their intuition and have a sixth sense about things, just like sensitive Cancer. When they’re not having a fit, they like to keep the peace—conflict stresses them out and propels them to turn to high vibe occult activities just to tune out the noise.

leoEgyptian zodiac sign: Anubis

No one can deny the passion, zing, and internal fire of Leo, and in the Egyptian pantheon, they’re living in full-on drama because they’re ruled by Anubis, the god of death. These bursts of emotions Anubis folks are prone to have display their extreme sensitivity. Beneath Leos flair is a strong and bold connection to the heart—they’re truly driven by the stirrings that go on in the emotional realm.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Thoth

Virgos are known for their unbeatable organizational and analytical skills. Over in Egypt, they’re ruled by the intellect, which also spills over to wisdom. Think street-smart not just book smart. Thoth is the god of the moon, and brings light to matters that are usually shrouded in mystery. Got a problem you can’t get to the bottom too? Thoth will dig deep and figure it out if it’s the last thing he does.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Horus

It takes a lot of courage to be a Libra when you feel obligated to make a revolution happen, and make things right. Same is true in the Egyptian world, where Horus, the god of the Pharoah, is courageous enough to act as a defender. The caveat? While righteous, Horus can also veer towards the material world and become too attached to shiny, pretty, new things. Not such a bad trade-off, really.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Mut

Watch anyone attack a Scorpio or their loved ones, and see them unleash their wrath. Mut, the goddess of the sky, is just as protective of people he loves—when they care, they care hard. They’ll reach out and give, give, and give some more without any prodding. At the same time Mut folks are very reserved about how much they give. That doesn’t mean they won’t do it anyway, they’re just shy about it.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Hapi

Sagittarius carefree nature is embodied perfectly by Hapi, the god of the Nile. His primary concern is making sure the river stays fertile and rich—think of Sagittarius spreading good vibes from one place and one social circle to the next. Impulsive just as the river can be during certain seasons, Hapi can also be a force to reckon with. Underneath all of that is a lot of care for people and the world.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Horus

Capricorn sticks to a very sensible and disciplined schedule. They are doers. Horus, the god of the sky, works on a very regimented calendar too, resulting in a personality that can be very inflexible and stubborn. Once in the mood, Capricorn is extremely positive. Think of how it feels to have the sun shining down on you from the sky. That's the mood they're in at their best.


Egyptian zodiac sign: Sekham

The charmer of the zodiac, Aquarius has no problem hopping from one group to the next, making friends everywhere. Ruled in the Egyptian pantheon by Sekhmet, the goddess of war, this personality makes friends and keeps their enemies closer. With a tendency to become overbearing and extra, Sekhmet folks are completely aware when they’re on top of their game. It’ll do them well to rein it in a little bit.

Whats My Egyptian Zodiac Sign?

Egyptian zodiac sign: Isis

Floating through life’s many major drawbacks and challenges seems to be a talent of many Pisces folks. Their Egyptian counterpart is the goddess of nature, Isis. Self-sufficient and capable, she navigates the world with a clear head and heart, no matter what the circumstances are. The clarity can get in the way sometimes of

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