Our Top 11 Favourite Hairstyles To Try This Season

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Check out our best picks for some easy hairstyles for gowns and dresses

Use the fall season as an excuse to try all those gorgeous hairdos you've been pinning on your Pinterest page. Whether its your friend's wedding, or a low-key party, or a bar-hopping charade, or a trip to Zara to pick up that gown you've been eyeing. All of these call for a conversation-starter worthy hairstyles that can compliment your gown and dresses. 

We've rounded up some easy hairstyles for gowns and dresses for you. These are your no-fail options and include slicked-back hair, ponytails, cornrows, soft buns and everything in between. Plus, they're all done by your favourite hairstylists and makeup artists.

So we're basically also giving you some makeup options with some of our favourite hairdos. 

11 Easy Hairstyles For Gowns And Dresses

1. Low big waves


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This hairstyle is all the rage at the moment and goes perfectly with our current 70s obsession. Whether its a wedding or a birthday party, this goes perfectly with everything, especially with a gown or a midi dress. 

We recommend using a thick-barrelled curler to create the low huge waves. Make sure to curl the hair away from your face so the curls roll towards the back. You can also achieve this look using a round brush. We're taking our cue from Filipino makeup artist Jelly Eugenio.

2. Beach waves 


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When it comes to boujee hairstyles a'la Kim Kardashian, the beach waves top the list. They are the perfect addition to a sassy and sexy outfit and they are not difficult to achieve.

Once you wash your hair and have teased the tangles away, we recommend using a texturising sea salt spray like The OUAY Wave Spray (S$18) to add volume. If you like a little crunch to your beach waves, you can even lather your tips with the OUAI Matt Pomade (S$36).  

3. Messy waves on the front 


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Another one of our favourites and an easy hairstyle with gowns and dresses at that is the messy hair look. No matter what bun you tie your hair in, whether its super neat or a bit messy, having a few of your front hair casually thrown over your face can lend you a sultry look. 

Add to that some wet looking eyeshadow and you are all set to be the star of the night. We recommend using BYRD Light Pomade (S$23) to create the perfect centre-parting and OUAI Matt Pomade (S$36) for those loose tangles in the front.    

4. Straight slick back 


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From Ariana Grande to Kendel Jenner, everybody seems to be in love with the slick back hairdo. And its perfect for a night event where you might be considering a long-trail gown. This look is easy to achieve and all you'll need are your tangle teasers and a pomade.

If you like your hair to not look too shiny, you can use the Hanz De Fuko's Heavymade (S$30) for that solid grip that doesn't let your hair move around too much and keeps it in place. 

5. Lob waves


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What started as a simple experiment in 2015 has stayed on to become a revolution. Yes, we are talking about the lob. A favourite of most celebrities, models and regular girls like you and I, the lob is easy to maintain, not messy and doesn't take long to style. 

And the curled lob is the perfect example. You don't need to use your curling rod to get this look. First, use a texturing spray like the OUAY Wave Spray (S$18) to add volume. Next, roll your straightener to add soft barely-there curls. And hold all of this in place with a hairspray like the Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray (S$12).

6. Low bun


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The low bun is perhaps the simplest of hairdos for when you have to wear a gown and don't know what to do with your hair. Basically the lazy girl go-to. Plus, its very easy to create on any length.

If you like a slick-look, you a pomade like the BYRD Light Pomade (S$23) in the front and tied your hair with a thin bobble at the back. If you have shorter hair, you can even use a plastic scrunchie and some bobby pins to keep your low bun in place.  

7. Corn row braids 


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If you love your hair twists and braids, you'll love this hairdo that can be a great addition to your formal gown-look. Just the three corn rows work well, adding volume and style to your hair. 

We recommend parting your hair into three sections at the front and braining your hair till the end. Once you reach the ends, take all three braids and twist them together to create a low bun. You can even take your inspiration from Filipino hairstylist Paul Nebres and go for a french braid. 

Pin the hair properly and add the Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray (S$12) to keep the hair in place.  

8. Pony tail


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Pop singer Ariana Grande really made this hairdo a favourite of the boujee millennials. This hairdo looks especially sexy with off-shoulder dresses where you can flaunt your sexy collarbone. 

To achieve this look, create three slim cornrows starting from the front, all the way to the top of your crown where you want the ponytail to begin. Then, tie your hair up high in the ponytail. Using one thick strand, cover your bobble with your hair and pin it to look like you tied your hair, well, with your hair.

We recommend using a hairspray [like the Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray (S$12)] on your crown to keep the stray hair from the corn rows from coming out.  

9. High bun


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This is perhaps a lazy girl's guide to looking put together and an easy hairstyles for gowns. If one of those girls who spends an hour snatching your face but are always in a rush when it comes to your hairdo, the high bun is your friend. 

Its easy to put together and almost anybody can achieve this look. You can either make a simple bun, tied together with a bobble and some pins.

 arOr, you can try the Paul Nebres way and create a braid which you roll together to create a braided bun. The choice is yours.  

10. Retro curls 


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Now these might take a little time if you have never tried them before and especially if you have long hair. We recommend using a texturising spray first so that you add more volume to your crown. Try the OUAY Wave Spray (S$18) for the purpose.

Then, using a thick barrelled curl your hair away from your face. You can also use electric rollers and keep them in your wet hair overnight to achieve this look.

Once open, use a hairspray to keep the waves in place. Remember big waves can easy open if you don't use a product to keep them stuck together in place.   

11. Accessorised hair 


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Hair accessories are big this season and this is also one the many easy hairstyles for gowns and dresses that you can try at home. All your'll need are coloured pins (gold is in), a heat protectant and a straightener.

First use a heat protectant like the Original & Mineral Atonic Thickening Spritz (S$12). Then, with a hair straightener, straighten your hair (duh!). And add pins near your ears. Whether you do it on both sides or one, its totally upto you. 

We hope that you enjoy trying out all these cool and easy hairstyles for gowns and dresses. If you do, tag us on our Instagram handle and get the chance to be featured on out page.  

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