Selena Gomez, Michael B. Jordan & Coach Are Making The Next Generation's Dreams Come True With This New Initiative

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The Coach Foundation is empowering young people with this Dream It Real. More details below.

The world's future lies in the hands of young people. That's why Coach has launched Dream It Real, a new initiative to support the next generation as they envision and create a better future.

Dream It Real will support young people all over the world as they discover their dreams and take steps to turn them into reality. As part of Dream It Real, Coach is partnering with The Future Project, an American nonprofit organisation that aims to empower young people to build a better future. The Future Project places "Dream Directors" (transformational coaches, leaders, and organisers) in high schools, who help students start their projects to make society better.

Dream It Real: Realising The Youth's Vision For A Better Tomorrow

“Young people have shown us that they are capable of extraordinary things,” said Margaret Coady, Executive Director of the Coach Foundation. “We are excited to support and raise awareness of The Future Project’s work at a moment when so many young people are ready to take action on their vision of a better tomorrow, for themselves and for the world.”

“Virtually every movement in history has been led by young people – and, today, we need their leadership more than ever,” said Kanya Balakrishna, CEO and Cofounder of The Future Project. “We are proud to partner with Coach, a brand that is willing to stand behind the unlimited potential of a generation.”

Coach brand ambassadors Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan will be visiting The Future Project's partner schools this year to work with students as honorary Dream Directors. According to Coach, both Gomez and Jordan "embody Dream It Real’s values of possibility, optimism and inclusivity – and understand firsthand the importance of believing in dreams."

The Coach Foundation has donated US$1.4 million to The Future Project. “Today, we are proud to stand behind a mission to inspire and equip young people to take steps toward finding their passion and purpose,” said Joshua Schulman, CEO and President of Coach. “Together, our employees and our associates are a community united by our shared desire to achieve our dreams – and to help others achieve theirs.”