7 Unique Dream Catcher Tattoos You Should Try in 2019

7 Unique Dream Catcher Tattoos You Should Try in 20197 Unique Dream Catcher Tattoos You Should Try in 2019

Planning to get inked this year? Consider the beautiful dream catcher tattoo.

The dream catcher tattoo has become quite the sensation. It first originated from the Native Americans of the Great Plains but now the symbol is widely used commercially, especially as tattoos. The design of a dream catcher is exquisite, with a woven web of strands and feathers, and beads and crystals attached to it. 

Not only does the dream catcher look extraordinary, but it has a deep meaning as well. There is an ancient belief that the air is filled with dreams. In particular, bad dreams would get caught in the web of the dream catcher while the good dreams would flow through the feathers of the dream catcher to the person sleeping. 

With its appealing design and deep meaning anyway makes it the perfect choice for a tattoo design (if you're considering one), its multiple variations may confuse you.

So, we share with you seven of the best dream catcher tattoos you can get in 2019, and also the best places in Singapore to get a tattoo. 

7 Best Dream Catcher Tattoos You Have To Get In 2019

1. Flower wreath dream catcher tattoo

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Christmas just ended, but that doesn't mean you can't have a pretty flower wreath on your body all year round. You can try this design where the web of strands of the dream catcher are replaced by a simple grey flower wreath with two blue roses at the bottom.

You can also notice three grey feathers extending from the blue roses vertically downwards, a design that makes this a unique dream catcher tattoo. 

2. Crescent moon dream catcher tattoo

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This dream catcher tattoo is a little different from normal, with a crescent moon fitting within the confines of the round web of strands. Furthermore, the leaves seem to be growing at the left side of the web.

The feathers and beads then extend from the bottom of the web. This is a great design if you're considering back tattoos. 

3. Triangular dream catcher tattoo

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This dream catcher tattoo is for those of you who love simple and symmetrical designs.

The perfectly symmetrical triangle has a circle within it and it is within the confines of a larger circle around it. Three shaded feathers hang vertically down from the supposed web. Another good idea. 

4. Engraved word within dream catcher tattoo

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Going over to the more feminine and sweet style, this is one dream catcher tattoo that you will absolutely love if you are a girly girl. The tattoo is simple with a dark pink robe drawn as the outline of the circular web.

In addition, two pretty lavender coloured flowers are situated at the bottom left of the web. Then, blue and lavender coloured feathers drop down the web in soft strokes. 

The word 'family' is also engraved in cursive letters within the confines of the web. You can switch up the engraved word to another word that you like. 

5. Artistic floral dream catcher tattoo with butterfly

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For those of you who love admiring artistic drawings and portraits, here is one dream catcher tattoo that will amaze you with its aesthetics.

You can see that a regular dream catcher is drawn realistically with a mixture of blue, purple, yellow and orange feathers extending from below. In addition, pink roses sit at the top of the web and a pretty pink butterfly sucks the nectar from the roses. Another great idea to try, if you want a bigger design.

6. Purple clouds dream catcher tattoo

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This is another simple but pretty design for all you lovers of simplicity. The web of the dream catcher is shaped as a crescent moon with purple clouds painted artistically within the moon.

Moreover, two strings with beads going across them hang horizontally below the web. Then, three feathers hang down horizontally from the bottom of the web. 

7. Mandala dream catcher tattoo

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Finally, we have the dream catcher with a intricately designed mandala within the confines of the web. The complicated design draws our attention to the tattoo, making us fawn over the high level of details.

It also includes three strings that hang horizontally across the bottom of the web. And, another mini dream catcher hangs vertically downwards and two feathers hang beside it. 

Now, if you're interested to get any of these tattoos, but don't know where to go, worry not. We've got you covered. 

7 Tattoo Places You Must Visit To Get The Perfect Tattoo

1. Elvin Tattoo

Elvin Yong boasts 94.3K followers on his Instagram account @elvintattoo. His tattoos are usually large, realistic looking tattoos that portray ferocious animals. If you are going for a more real looking dream catcher, he's the artist for you.

Address: Onan Road, Singapore 424570 

Contact: [email protected] / +65 9798 9140

2. hellotako

Victoria Woon specializes in small, intricate designs. In addition, her designs are mostly symmetrical. If you are looking to have a mandala dream catcher tattoo or any other more precisely drawn tattoos, go for her!

Contact: [email protected]

3. Visual Orgasm Tattoo

This tattoo studio was established since 2005. They specialise in almost any design you want, from realistic to abstract to watercolour tattoos.

Address: 2 Haji lane, Singapore 189195

Contact: +65 6336 5884

4. Iron Fist Tattoo

Iron Fist Tattoo is great with their artistic drawings. They make their tattoos look amazingly gorgeous with shading, gradient and precision techniques. So, call them up now if you want a realistically drawn dream catcher tattoo.

Address: 95B Club Street, Singapore 069463

Contact: [email protected]

5. Fleecircus

Lee Wai Leng is one tattoo artist that does very soft and feminine tattoo designs. Her work is sure to trust as she has a whopping 13.9K follower count on Instagram.

Address: 40A Lorong Mambong Holland Village, Singapore 277695

Contact: [email protected] / +65 9798 9766

6. Fingers Crossed Studio

Jared Asalli runs Fingers Crossed Studio privately. His work is to be admired with precisely drawn tattoos that have a unique touch to them.

Address: 802 French Road, Singapore 200802

Contact: [email protected]

7. Of Gods and Monsters

Samuel Yar ran Of Gods and Monsters tattoo studio since 1999. He specialises in drawing oriental subjects in colourful large strokes. If you want a dream catcher tattoo that has twirly waves and a burst of stunning colours, do contact him right away!

Address: 213 Jalan Besar, 4th Floor, Singapore 208897

Contact: +65 8189 7899

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