Malaysian Groom Gets Hitched In A Doraemon Suit, Breaks Internet

Malaysian Groom Gets Hitched In A Doraemon Suit, Breaks Internet

(And convinced wife to wear a matching outfit, too.)

So this is what a die-hard fan looks like when he gets married. One 33-year-old Malaysian man was photographed wearing a Doraemon-printed outfit to his wedding's . Read on to learn more about this Doraemon groom — and what his now-wife had to say about the whole thing.

Mohd Firdaus Mohd Ali, a cosmetics entrepreneur, wore a bright blue baju melayu (a traditional Malay outfit for men) featuring characters from the popular classic anime Doraemon. Practically the whole gang was present — Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, and Goda.

He posted photos of his outfit on Facebook, thanking his guests for attending his wedding. And of course, he went viral.

(He was pictured with two women here, but his relationship with them isn't clear.)

Mohd Firdaus had been a fan of anime since he was young, and his devotion to the fandom has led him to procure Doraemon-themed towels, clothes, blankets, and pillows over the years. He bought the cloth for his baju melayu last year, but the outfit itself wasn't made until a month before the ceremony, as he was busy with his business.

The Doraemon Groom & His Oh-So-Understanding Wife

His wife wasn't totally onboard with him wearing it to the wedding. (Surprise, surprise!)

“Initially, this Doraemon attire was only planned to be worn during the photography session. But about five days before the wedding ceremony, I told my fiancee that I wanted to wear it on the wedding dais," he told mStar online.

“She didn’t want to, saying it would be embarrassing if others talked about it. But I persuaded her and said, ‘If you love me, it would be OK to wear it for a while’."

His wife relented and even agreed to wear a matching Doraemon outfit — on the condition that he wouldn't release the photos online. But she might change her mind about that.

"I understand what she is going through," Mohd Firdaus said. "Once she is ready, I will upload it."

Mohd Firdaus is lucky to have a wife so understanding, and he knows it. He'll be treating her to a honeymoon trip next month to the Balkan region, and they plan on visiting Bosnia, Croatia, and Greece.

But in the meantime, Mohd Firdaus seems to be enjoying his new viral status. Even after the wedding day, he was seen out and about in his Doraemon shirt.

Translation: "I look like Doraemon, don't I? I went to the post office and the postman said, 'Doraemon is here.' All of them wanted to take a selfie with me."

Good on him.

H/T: mStar Online

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