Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Different Options on How to Deliver Your Baby

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Different Options on How to Deliver Your BabyPregnancy Top Tips 2022: Different Options on How to Deliver Your Baby


What do you think about the process of giving birth? Do you see it as a positive experience, or something terrifying that you have to go through for your child? Thankfully, with different birthing options now available to women, bringing a child into this world doesn't have to be fraught with fear and worry. 

Giving birth can really be a scary experience. Imagine the long hours of labor and the physical aspect of pushing your little one out of the birth canal if you're doing it vaginally. That must be exhausting!

On the other hand, having a C-section can be distressing, too. You'll be putting your body through a major abdominal surgery, with a long recovery ahead.

But before you get too scared to deliver your child, let us be the one to tell you that while childbirth is no picnic, there are now different birthing options that are not only safe for the baby but kinder and more sensitive for the mom as well. 


Different Birthing Options for Delivering Your Baby

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Different Options on How to Deliver Your Baby

Normal birth positions

As more moms become aware of the different birthing options that are available for them, they also become more empowered to ask their doctors about these methods. For instance, normal delivery usually involves moms just lying down until the birthing begins.

However, now there are other positions that they can consider. Even for normal birth, they can now apply these positions:

  • squatting - This allows gravity to help in labor and delivery.
  • reclining - The mom-to-be can relax in bed, or recline against a wall, a chair, or a person.
  • using a birthing stool - With a birthing stool, women can squat, get into all fours, or support their arms with it.
  • using birthing/squat bar - This is like the birthing stool because it assists women in getting into different birthing positions. However, this uses a bar that's attached to the bed.

Read about the pros and cons of these normal birth positions.

Gentle C-section

In the past, say C-section and it would conjure images of a pregnant woman on a surgery table. But now, things are changing. Enter the gentle C-section birthing method. 

Although a C-section is still major surgery, it can be empowering and emotional at the same time. What is a gentle C-section? From its name alone, you can surmise that it encourages a peaceful space while the mom is giving birth.

This birthing option is typically associated with natural normal births, but now, even C-section moms can experience the same thing. It also allows the mom and her partner to feel empowered in the decision-making, possibly even having a birth plan in place.

The surgical environment is serene. There might even be music playing in the background or dim lighting. This also lets the mom and the baby have immediate skin-to-skin contact. To put it simply, it's a more natural approach to C-section. 

Birthing positions that involve fathers

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Different Options on How to Deliver Your Baby

Fathers can now play an active role in childbirth. Until recently, dads usually had to wait outside the delivery room while their partners deliver the baby. These days, though, dads can now be in the picture--both literally and figuratively!

Here are some birthing techniques that allow fathers to take part in the magical childbirth experience. These are:

  • The Lamaze Technique - Here, the birth team is led by a doula. The birth partner, which in this case is the father, is also present.
  • The Bradley Method - Partners help through labor and the whole birth process.
  • The Alexander Technique - With this technique, mothers can use fathers as a physical support as she gets into a specific position.

You may have heard of these different birthing options before. You can know more about them by following this link.

Water birth

Over the past few years, this birthing method has become more popular especially for moms who want an unmedicated birth and who want to do it at home. But did you know that you can also do it in a hospital? In fact, Thomson Medical Centre offers this option for moms who wish to give birth via water birth

When you choose to do a water birth, you will surely have a lot of questions going through your mind. Let us answer some of them here.

If you are concerned about what to wear, don whatever makes you feel comfortable. You can choose a tank top, bikini, bra, or you may opt to be naked. The birthing suite is your safe space.

Another concern is how the baby will breathe. During a water birth, the baby behaves as if it's still in the womb. It will continue to get oxygen from the placenta. After birth, you can also bond with your little one and do skin-to-skin contact right away.


You may be thinking this sounds like hypnosis. You are absolutely right! Hypnobirthing uses self-hypnosis techniques to facilitate a more tranquil and joyful birthing experience.

It may also involve visualizations, meditation, and breathing techniques. It is said to help moms deal with the pain of labor and childbirth. If you choose to do this, you'll be in the company of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton who are said to have done hypnobirthing.  

Maternity insurance

Before you get caught up nesting and preparing your birth plan, one aspect of childbirth you also shouldn't forget is maternity insurance. It is additional insurance for moms in the 13th to 36th weeks of pregnancy and is also known as prenatal/pregnancy insurance.

With this, you'll be prepared for unforeseen complications during pregnancy.  The good news? It also covers your newborn.

Let this article guide you in choosing the best maternity insurance for you.

Where to give birth

Now that you may have some idea what kind of birthing method you may want for you and your baby, it's time to look for hospitals where you'll want to deliver your little one.

Here in Singapore, you have various hospitals to choose from. We have gone ahead and done the legwork for you. See the top 10 maternity packages in Singapore here


Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Different Options on How to Deliver Your Baby

There are now a lot of different birthing options available for pregnant women. This helps moms-to-be feel empowered throughout the childbirth experience.

It's important that whatever birthing method you choose, you discuss it extensively with your gynaecologist and your partner so all of you are aware of its risks and benefits. 

You also want to make sure you have the things you need after delivery, and these lists of postpartum must-haves, and C-section must-haves will be a great help in your preparation. 


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