Why Men And Women Think Differently?

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The difference between male and female thinking reveals the interesting ways the two genders work, sometimes on the same chore

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. How many times have you heard this comparative adage? Probably too many times now. But the reason it is used over and again is because it is true. There is a huge difference between male and female thinking and that reflects in their individual actions. 

Medically speaking, studies have proved that women use both sides of their brain for "visual, verbal and emotional responses." While men use one side (particularly the left) for verbal reasoning.

This type is brain function is the reason women can be more communicative and sensitive toward emotions, and men to spatial coordination. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The difference between male and female thinking reveals the interesting ways the two genders work, sometimes on the same chore.  

Difference Between Male And Female Thinking

1. Women can see the bigger picture, men can find their way

Did you know that women have smaller brains? Well, don't worry, its a good thing. A smaller brain allows them to have close nervous connections. This in turn helps them excel in tasks involving situational perception. They are also able to see the bigger picture better because of these close connections. So when a woman says she knows whats best for you, trust that she is not fooling around.

Men, on the other hand are good at spatial perception. They can perform tasks that require them to recognise patterns and solve problems, especially if set in a spatial environment.     

2. Women can multi-task and men work hard on singular tasks  

It's not unknown that women juggle many roles at once both personally and professionally and that makes us great at multi-tasking. So when you perform multiple tasks in a day, give yourself a pat on the back because it comes so naturally to you, literally.

Men, however, can excel when they concentrate on one task and one task alone. They bring logic and reason to the table and are able to solve the problem at hand, but often get overwhelmed when they also have to juggle at home.  

3. Social interactions are easy-peezy for women, men not so much for men

Since most females use both sides of our brains, they are more perceptive to human emotions and are good at social interaction. No wonder their kitty parties are always such a success. 

Men, on the other hand work well in task-oriented jobs and those that require abstract thinking. 

This may come from the traditional archaic gender roles where women had to work together to accomplish certain complex tasks, while men hunted and preyed alone. 

4. Women are emotional, men more logical 

Rush not. There is a perfectly good scientific explanation to it. Women have a large limbic system in their brains, which allows them to understand and emote better than men. Don't blame it on PMS, you're just better at expressing yourself and that's a good thing. 

While men remain slightly oblivious from emotions and tend to focus their energy more on logic. This does not make them any smarter than women, but reveals that they dismiss information that is not pertaining to the current issue at their hand. 

5. Men can do math better than women, in many cases 

While both men and women are equal in most aspects, when it comes to math men might take the cake. That's because they have larger inferior parietal lobules, which control mathematical abilities and processes. 

This isn't to say that women aren't that great at math, because they are. But men might just have a biological advantage that cannot be denied. 

6. Women feel more pain than, men can tolerate less

Pain is usually activated in the amygdala part of the brain--right hemisphere for men and left in women. And since our right side is connected to our external stimuli and left side to our internal stimuli, women feel pain more intensely. Perhaps also the reason only a woman can give birth because only she can take that much pain. 

Although it doesn't mean men don't feel that much pain. It simply means they are not able to take that much physical pain.  

7. Women learn languages faster than men

Women are naturally more attuned to sounds and words and therefore, are able to pick up languages faster than men. This is also one of the reasons women are able to express themselves more and most men are more restraint. 

This comparison can also explains the difference between male and female thinking-- women do not hesitate from expressing themselves more openly. 

8. Women remember events better than men 

Research has proved that women naturally have a larger hippocampus (than men). This is the area of the brain uses to store memories. That's why women can easily remember faces, places names and even objects more easily. So don't be going around wondering how she recalled a guy she randomly met on a date, she naturally can. 

Men, on the other hand have a smaller hippocampus and therefore, are not able to connect emotions to events as easily as women.  

9. Women tend to be averse to risk-taking, men are more willing 

And finally, if you wondered why men are more open to taking risks, its because of their biological makeup. They get higher endorphins from taking risks, as compared to women. The greater the risk, the greater the pleasure. 

This difference between male and female thinking makes men more open to trying new things, as opposed to some women who may weigh in before taking an extreme step. 

While these claims are scientific and in some cases do define the difference between male and female thinking, they may not necessarily reflect every man and woman's strengths and weakness.

But it's safe to say that men and women are equals and compliment each other like a knife and fork.    

Source: Columbia University

(Images courtesy: Unsplash) 

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Deepshikha Punj