How To Snag Designer Bags In Singapore For Less

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You don't need to spend your entire month's salary anymore. We're here to help you snag the best designer bags at reasonable prices.

Let’s get real- buying a designer handbag is no joke. They are expensive, delicate and not really an ideal purchase for somebody who has just started her first job. But hey! A girl can dream, right. Lucky for you, we believe that if you can dream it, you can snag it!

No matter what type you like – whether it is Fendi’s Micro Peekaboo bag or Chloé’s Drew satchel, or even Gucci’s Dionysus and Chanel’s classic 2.55 flap bag, we can help you snag the best designer bags at reasonable prices.

Yes, really, we can!  

Designer bags—as you already know—rarely go on sale. If at al they do, chances are pretty slim that their market price will go down. But that’s where we come in. We’ve managed to track down the places that can sell you designer bags at reasonable prices. 

So ladies, scroll down to get one step closer to your dream bag.   

#1 ThatBagIWant 

You can rent a designer bag from ThatBagIWant. They have a range of luxury bags to choose from and work on a week-by-week rental point basis. So the longer the rental duration, the more you save.

Plus, they deliver the product right at your doorstep saving you time (and more money). Keep your eyes peeled for special promotional offers on the site.

Website: ThatBagIWant

#2 Reebonz 

With possibly the largest collection of designer bags at reasonable prices, Reebonz could be your go-to platform for all things luxury. The company curates affordable designer products from brands including Alexander McQueen and Tory Burch to the coveted Chanel and Hermes, and everything between.

The new bags are often given on discount and you can even buy certified pre-loved items.

Website: Reebonz

#3 Madam Milan 

Although they have five physical stores in Singapore, Madam Milan is a popular place to consign, barter, sell and even buy designer bags at reasonable prices. 

You will find a large variety ranging from vintage classics to newest launches off the runway. So you can be assured that you’ll always be on trend.  

Website: MadamMilan

designer bags at reasonable prices

Image courtesy: Instagram/Gucci

#4 Carousell 

This is a one-stop-shop for all your luxury needs including designer handbags. They curate new and pre-loves items that you can trade, buy or sell. 

But the only problem with this site is that you cannot rely on the authenticity of the product because they don’t offer certified products. But if you are willing to take this risk, this place is a great bet and offers some fabulous deals. 

Website: Carousell

Now before you head on out of this post and immediately start scrolling through one of these website, we do have some pro tips for you. Yes, you need them if you want authenticated designer bags at reasonable prices. 

5 Pro Tips For Buying Designer Bags At Reasonable Prices 

#1 Check international e-commerce sites

Sites that maybe based out of Europe such as Luisaviaroma, Farfetched or MatchedFashion sometimes have lower prices for the same bag. That’s because the bag maybe manufactured in their country and is free from import duties and additional taxes. This impacts their overall price. 

#2 Choose an authentic second-hand site 

You can a majority of your salary if you invest in a pre-loved item. Look for a company or an e-commerce site that offers a guarantee of authenticity. As also have professionals that let you know the condition and true value of the product. 

#3 Consider an unusual design and colour

Bags that may have seasonal colours are likely to go on sale much more than classic bags. So if you get an unusual colour and it is pure leather, you cam always get it dyed for a cheaper rate in your city.

#4 Subscribe to the e-commerce retailer and sign up for their newsletters

You’ll find that many retailer send offer codes and special discounts to their members only and for good measure. If you are signed to their newsletter and are in their membership list, you will receive the codes first and that can save you tonnes of money. 

You can also sign up for new arrival sales and even open a credit card with the retailer.

#5 Make use of the ‘friends discount’

There are a few stores that offer friends and family sales and have blanket discounts on most items. So keep your eyes peeled for those. 

Just remember that most good items are snagged pretty quickly, so if you stay on top of the site’s latest offers and additions you get designer bags at reasonable prices as well. 

(Feature & lead image: Instagram/Gucci)

Written by

Deepshikha Punj