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The pop star gives an unfiltered look into her life.

A few months ago, Demi Lovato was hospitalised for a drug overdose, shocking the world. No stranger to controversy, Lovato has been an open book about her struggles with addiction and mental health issues, even creating a documentary. But if you're looking for the Demi Lovato documentary Netflix, you're looking in the wrong place.

Demi Lovato documentary Netflix: Demi, the artist

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In the documentary Simply Complicated, we see Demi in her element in the recording studio, recording one line over and over again until it's absolutely perfect.

"I really like this take," her producer says during a recording session for "You Don't Do It For Me Anymore".

"It's just that last 'oh' needs to be smoothed out," she says.

"Yeah. I mean, in a perfect world, absolutely," her producer says.

"Well, this should be a perfect world," she says. "It's my album." 

Demi discovered that she could SING when she started joining pageants as a kid. "I don't know how I knew that I had it in me, but I know that it was what I was supposed to do," she says. "I think I realised that I had this outlet to pour my emotions out and create something beautiful."

The hard stuff

Demi gets personal right off the bat. "I actually had anxiety around this interview," she says. "Because the last time I did an interview this long, I was on cocaine."

She talks about the hard stuff, how she started drinking and doing drugs as a teen, how she saw it as a way to connect with her father, who was an addict. And after Camp Rock turned her into a household name, the pressures of being a squeaky clean star on the Disney channel started to get to her.

"I started feeling pressure to look a certain way, to sing music that I felt people would like, rather than music that I would like," Demi says.

"She was living two lives," her manager Phil McIntyre says. "Here she was, she had to be squeaky clean on the Disney Channel, all types of moral clauses and just intensity around behaviour, and once the camera stops rolling, she's living a different life. She couldn't be herself. She couldn't be a normal teenager."

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He adds: "All of a sudden she had to be this role model, and I don't think she was ready for that."

She spiralled while touring with the Jonas Brothers, throwing a drug-fuelled party at a hotel one night. The word got out that she was using Adderall, and once she found out that it was one of her backup dancers who told on her, she punched the dancer in the face. It was then that she entered treatment for the first time and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The diagnosis was a relief for Demi, because she finally knew that something was actually wrong. But she wasn't ready to get sober, and kept using.

Demi became increasingly hard to work with, and her manager almost dropped her. After being asked to hand over her cell phone, Demi smashed it and dunked it into water.

"This was the gateway to everything," McIntyre says while holding the shattered phone. "This was the wrong people, it was drug dealers, it was a lot of the negative influences in her life were coming through the cellphone."

Demi became sober for a long period of time, until she relapsed this year. Which begs the question: will this documentary have a sequel?

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Where to watch Demi Lovato documentary Netflix?

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