The Dead Millennial Instagram Throws Serious Shade At Pretentious Social Media Influencers

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"Live authentic. Dead inside."

For a while, almost all of us were totally enamoured with aesthetic AF Instagram feeds. But it didn’t take long before we started realising that all these hella curated feeds basically looked the same as each other, and that they weren’t good for our mental health. So it wasn’t long before several Instagram accounts parodying these curated feeds sprung up, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers. The latest of these parody accounts is the Dead Millennial Instagram.

The Dead Millennial Instagram account has only been active for under a month (its first post is from September 25, 2018), but already has over 9,500 followers as of this writing. This is due to a shout-out from Socality Barbie, who said in an IG story that the Dead Millennial Instagram was picking up where she left off:

The Dead Millennial Instagram Throws Serious Shade At Pretentious Social Media Influencers

Note that the Dead Millennial Instagram only had 72 followers in Socality Barbie’s screenshot.

Are the people behind the Dead Millennial Instagram the same folks behind Socality Barbie? We don’t know, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. Like Socality Barbie, Dead Millennial posts formulaic photos with captions that either don’t really say anything or throw major shade on influencer culture.

One caption reads: “Just want to take a second to complain about how tired I am from my busy and awesome life and at the same time mention how important rest and relaxation is.”

Another is less subtle in its disdain for influencer culture, reading: “‘Our greatest fear should not be failure but succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter’ (like instagram) – Francis Chan”

Flannel shirt? Check. Combat boots? Check. Beanie? Check.

The Dead Millennial Instagram doesn’t have as many sartorial variations as Socality Barbie, but that might change. In his latest post, Dead Millennial mixed things up by uploaded a photo of his “girlfriend”.

While poking fun of millennials for simply existing has gotten a little old and derivative, we can’t help but admit that this is still funny — because it’s still very much true.