Wearing THIS On Your Very First Date Is A Definitive Deal-Breaker

Wearing THIS On Your Very First Date Is A Definitive Deal-Breaker

A recent study by Zoosk reveals that wearing wrinkled clothes is the biggest date fashion faux pas and a guaranteed deal breaker.

Never judge a book by its cover,” said nobody who has ever dated online. Because as we all know, ignoring first impressions is almost impossible. But that’s not the only fashion sin millennial online daters are committing. As it turns out there is one more date fashion faux pas that has become a deal-breaker for most.  

Are you also committing this date fashion faux pas?

Dating site Zoosk recently shared the results of their study on fashion and dating, which revealed some pretty interesting facts, especially about date fashion faux pas.

They reviewed over 6,646 of their members and analyzed over 34,579 profiles “to gain insight into how daters dress, what’s proper date attire, and what fashion trends singles like best.”

In their research they found that the biggest first date fashion faux pas for most millennials was wrinkled clothes. But there were more interesting facts they uncovered during their research.

1. Mentioning fashion in your profiles can up the ante 

Zoosk found that people who mentioned their inclination towards fashion or style were likely to “get up to 135 percent more incoming messages.”

So basically, profiles that mentioned these qualities were especially popular in the online dating world. 

2. Being a bad dresser is a deal-breaker 

The study also found that style was important when millennials chose their dates, but not so much. Only “54 percent of women say it’s a deal-breaker if a date is dressed poorly or has bad style.” 

On the other hand, “Majority of men (73 percent) say just the opposite—they have no problem looking past how someone’s dressed.”

Interestingly, millennials did not fuss too much about fashion, per say.

About 77 percent of both male and female millennials revealed that they were willing to look past somebody’s bad style. But emphasised that they should look presentable.

About “69 percent of singles say that the best way to make a good first impression is to look nice and presentable,” the cite quoted in their study. 

3. Women like their dates to dress nice on the first date 

One of the many crucial date fashion faux pas that women couldn’t look beyond was dressing for a date. Majority of the women felt that dressing nice for a date was important and should be kept in mind by both genders, even if the style is not on point.

date fashion faux pas

The study reveals that women most love to dress up for their first date and expect the same from their partners as well. | Image courtesy: Pxhere

Almost 76 percent of millennial women thought “dressing nice on a date is important.” 

4. Ironing your clothes is sexy 

While most millennials may not care about following trends to a tee, they do care when their dates are sloppy. It’s not something they look forward to, so says the study.

date fashion faux pas

One of the biggest turn-off for most online daters was baggy, wrinkled clothes. | Image courtesy: Zoosk

Almost “66 percent of singles say wrinkled clothes are the biggest turn-off, and baggy clothes weren’t popular either (50 percent listed them as a major fashion faux pas),” reports Zoosk.

So even if you feel that it is time-consuming, make a little effort to iron out your clothes for your date. 

Another big No-no was wearing “socks with sandals or Crocs.” It only goes to show that your date will not only look at your ironed clothes but also notice what you put on your feet.  

5. Your jeans and t-shirt combination could be a winner 

Most millennials felt that a combination of jeans and t-shirt leaves a good first impression. The website quoted in their release, that “36 percent of all daters said the simple combo of jeans and a t-shirt is the best for feeling confident.” 

date fashion faux pas

Most online daters preferred all black everything. | Image courtesy: Zoosk

While women favoured wearing jeans and tee-shirt, high heels and even a sundress, men favoured a button down shirt and blazers. The common thread between the two genders was “all black everything.” 

6. Athleisure is still a thing 

As far as fashion trends are concerned, while most online daters didn’t really care so much for most, there were a few that particularly caught their attention. Athleaisure being the top ranking trend. 

The website is quoted as saying that “47 percent of singles say that sportswear or athleisure is the 2018 fashion trend they’re most excited about.” They also added that the second big winner was Pantone’s colour of the year, albeit a bit lighter. Finally, they found that most men preferred to see their dates wear in the trending sheer style of clothing. 

“Men are also looking forward to seeing more sheer/transparent styles hit the streets—26 percent of them listed sheer clothing as their favorite fashion trend,” the study reported. 

7. No-makeup makeup look should be your go-to 

Millennials also preferred the no-makeup makeup look. A whopping “90 percent of daters, both men and women, say light and natural makeup is the best way to go.” 

The study also found that male online daters loved to see their dates in a classic red lip.

This study has made it quite clear that millennials have their online dating fashion game sorted. So if you are still single and ready to mingle, perhaps you can take a cue from it and up your ante in the fashion department the next time you head out for your first date. 

Source: Zoosk, Independent 

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Deepshikha Punj