Plus-Size Model Danah Gutierrez Shares Her Top Beauty And Fashion Picks For 2019

Plus-Size Model Danah Gutierrez Shares Her Top Beauty And Fashion Picks For 2019

Plus-size model and influencer Danah Gutierrez shares her best-kept beauty secrets and trends she thinks would make the biggest noise in 2019

“I didn’t always enjoy fashion and beauty, to be honest. For a long time, I believed that you had to be a certain size or had to have a certain look to enjoy these seeming luxuries. But upon discovering self-love, I realised that every woman had the right to enjoy dressing up and beautifying themselves," plus-size model Danah Gutierrez tells HerStyleAsia.

"Because other than self-expression, how you present yourself sends a message without having to speak, and I see the value in that," she adds in an exclusive chat about her top beauty and fashion picks for 2019. 

You may already know Gutierrez as the foremost voice for body positivity in the Philippines, an author and one of the most influential plus-size bloggers in the country. She also happens to be the founder of online magazine PLUMP and the chief executive officer of Twinsanity Events.

In her role as an influencer, Danah Gutierrez has made her mission to “elevate the discussion on womanhood.” She often talks about body image and beauty on her social media platforms is a role model for aspiring plus-size models.

So naturally, we decided that since she is a formidable voice in the plus-size fashion industry and people always want to know her beauty secrets, we asked to list her top picks for 2019. And, also prepare a capsule wardrobe for you of all (you can thank us later). 

Danah Gutierrez Shares Top Beauty And Fashion Picks For 2019

HSA: What are your top beauty picks for 2019 and which products do you swear by? 

Gutierrez: So these are the products that I swear by and would recommend for others as well. 

  • Brow Waxing Benefit: I’ve always been a #benebabe, and I’m proud to say that I only get my brows done at Benefit! Their pearl wax is smooth and creamy, and their brow experts always give me perfectly arched brows that are so easy to shape and fill.
  • Lana’s DNA Repair Exilir: My friend created and her products are all homemade with love. She gave me this face serum to try and my skin responded so well to it. I’ve always ordered a bottle ever since! I apply it once in the morning as my moisturiser. 
  • Mesoestetic Under Eye Cream: This is part of my night routine. It brightens my under eye and tightens the skin, I apply it last, before I sleep.
  • Pawpaw 7-in-1 Hair Serum: I iheat-style my hair often so I need a good hair serum to keep my hair shiny and frizz-free. This pawpaw 7-in-1 hair treatment does the job! 
  • SKIN Clarifying Toner: John Robert Powers is an image consultancy and character development school that launched their own line of skincare products and I absolutely am a fan! The clarifying toner is something I use before going to bed, after I wash my face. I noticed my pores get smaller as I use this toner. 
  • Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer: I love contouring! I think it’s a step you shouldn’t skip when doing your makeup. It’s so fine and smooth when applied on the skin, and its pigmentation is on point. This contour kit will last long because a little goes a long way.
  • Gilette VENUS Spa Shaving kit: This shaver has built in gel pads that allows you to shave so smoothly without using a shaving cream. It’s such a time-saver, and I love how my skin feels afterwards! 
  • Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Gel: A must-have! I always apply primer before putting on my foundation. This one from Benefit lessens my oiliness and keeps my makeup on fleek all day, even in Manila weather.
  • Kate Tokyo + Benefit Cosmetics Happy Soft Blur: My two go-to foundations. I mix them to get the perfect shade. I like its matte finish and how it gives me a flawless look every time.
  • K-palette Real Lasting Eye pencil: Jet black, doesn’t budge, and application is on point. What else can you ask for from a pencil eyeliner?

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HSA: What are your top 10 fashion picks for 2019? 

Gutierrez: This is a mix of all the clothing and accessories I personally love. 

  • Lingerie top: It’s perfect for going out with your girlfriends! Pair with nice denim bottoms and a coat or a cover up and you instantly have a glam going-out ensemble.
  • Black shorts: Safe, easy, and comfortable. It can be worn with almost anything! It definitely should be every closet’s staple. 
  • Coat: It makes a simple dress look much more chic, and it’s perfect for traveling especially in cooler countries.
  • Blazer: I love how a simple blazer can make you look so much smarter and more professional.
  • Spanx: It’s a must-have to me. It gives me a better silhouette and clothes look sharper and nicer when I wear it underneath.
  • Classic Pumps: This classic pair can dress up a simple black dress!
  • Rubber shoes: My Adidas UltraBoost is so comfortable, I’d like to believe it gives me extra energy when I wear my pair. I feel like I’m bouncing around soft floors when I walk and dance in them!
  • Pearls: Earrings you can wear with a simple outfit for that added classy vibe
  • Diamond earrings: My daily go-to jewellery, I think sparkly earrings instantly brightens the face!
  • Watch: I can’t leave the house without it! Time is of the essence!

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HSA: With so many people moving towards developing a capsule wardrobe, how would you create a Holiday capsule wardrobe? 

Gutierrez: Always dress for your body type. I think it’s smart to know which pieces look good on you and flatter your assets. Choose the basics, then build from there. Then add sparkle, jewel tones, and lots of shine! Make sure you balance the outfit with neutrals so you don’t end up looking like a Christmas tree. 

HSA: What fashion trends do you foresee in 2019? 

GutierrezOriental florals or prints, flowy dresses and draping, Moroccan prints, shoulder pads (YAY), sharp lines and structured cuts, will certainly be the focus of 2019. 

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HSA: And, finally the one question that everybody has been dying to know the answer to, how do you maintain your flawless skin? What's your beauty secret?

Gutierrez: Always moisturise before your make up and make sure you remove all of it before bed time! I use micellar water after washing, then apply toner, then finish off with my serum. Also, don't forget to hydrate! Water is the essence of beauty, as told by Zoolander.

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