What The F*** Just Happened To Rihanna's Eyebrows?

What The F*** Just Happened To Rihanna's Eyebrows?What The F*** Just Happened To Rihanna's Eyebrows?

Rihanna just said goodbye to the current eyebrow trends to bring the controversial 90s look back. Are you ready to embrace this throwback?

There was a time when eyebrows didn't enjoy the importance they do now. A 90s girl wouldn't spend hours upon hours perfecting her arches, filling them in. But all that has changed. The current eyebrow trends are almost a revolution. 

Today, almost every girl know hows to thicken her brows and contour them to get the perfect arch. And just when we were getting comfortable with this time-consuming yet satisfying process, a new trend hit the eyebrow industry hard. 

Only this time it's been brought about by a bonafide fashion influencer- Rihanna. 

Is Rihanna Setting Current Eyebrow Trends? 

Rihanna, the mega popstar who graces the cover of British Vogue's coveted September issue has brought back the fashion trend that we all thought to be dead by now.

In a collaboration with its current editor Edward Enninful, Rihanna brought her own quirk and edginess to the cover and reportedly suggested the thin eyebrows.  

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The cover shoot embraced nature and the team's primary inspiration came from Nick Knight's work, who also shot this cover. For the uninitiated, Nicholas David Gordon "Nick" Knight OBE is a British fashion photographer as well as the founder and director of SHOWstudio.com. 

In a special video shot with Enninful and Rihanna, the two talk about their inspiration for the shoot and how they wished to use style as a means of expression.

How The Thin EyeBrow Made It To The Vogue Cover? 

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While sharing ideas about the clothes the two are seen zeroing in on Prada and Gucci dresses. They then swiftly move on to talk about beauty and makeup. Enninful mentions that he received a photograph from Rihanna of a woman with thin eyebrows.

He asks her why she chose to go for thin eyebrows and she responds by saying,  "Thin eyebrows is very ladylike...but it's still punk."

But apart from her own inspiration, some also speculate that since she only used Fenty Beauty for the shoot, they went for a thin line. In case you didn't know, Fenty doesn't have an eyebrow product out in the market as yet. 

Either way, while the shoot was artist in every way possible, netizens are not having it with the thin eyebrows. Some just blatantly refusing to bring back the trend, even though many of the 90s trends are now successfully making a comeback. 

Twitter Loses It With Rihanna's Thin Eyebrows 

The popular social media platform has people divided over Rihanna's cover. Many of whom are saying that this is just an expressive cover and won't impact the current eyebrow trends. 



While some simply refusing to go back. 

Well, Rihanna may have her own tribe, but they have spoken and thin eyebrows might be a great way of expression, they are likely to change the current eyebrow trends. 

Which side are you on? 

(Feature & lead images courtesy: Instagram/British Vogue)

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Deepshikha Punj