This Woman Wears The Same Outfit To Work. Every. Single. Day

This Woman Wears The Same Outfit To Work. Every. Single. DayThis Woman Wears The Same Outfit To Work. Every. Single. Day

You can also create your own work uniform just as Nina Ricci Diaz did, because all it takes is masterful planning and a bit of ruthlessness.

If you had the choice between wearing a brand new outfit each day to office and creating your own work uniform, chances you'd choose the former. Because who doesn't want to look and feel their best self each day. 

But not Nina Ricci Diaz.

A certified public accountant from the Philippines who has been living in Sydney Australia for the past year, Diaz wears the same clothes to office each day. 

She started this trend five months ago and stuck to her guns ever since. But in the process she realised two important things about herself--how much she's managed to save her time and money; and how much importance we usually give to the opinions of others. 

In an eye-opening Instagram post, Diaz shared a picture of herself with all her clothes and shared why she chose this minimalistic path. 

How To Create Your Own Work Uniform  

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Diaz writes, "I am wearing the same thing at work everyday and no one noticed. Well, except on Fridays, I wear jeans."

She added that for well over two years she toyed with the idea of going minimalist, especially with her workwear but only recently decided to try it for good.

"For two years, this idea was only floating in my mind but I did nothing about it because I was lazy and indecisive. I’ve been doing this for 5 months now and it gave me a lot of peace of mind and freedom from my insecurities," she wrote. 

The professional accountant who now resides in Sydney also shared the two critical lessons she learnt from this experience. 

"I saved money and time, and realized no one really cares or judges me about what I wear. This is just one of the steps that I have taken to live a minimalist lifestyle. I’m pretty happy and satisfied with my work uniform," she wrote.

Diaz who has been living a minimalistic lifestyle has become an example for those who want to follow suit. She managed to turn her workwear problem into a solution by eliminating the "what" and "how" of dressing.

But honestly, if you are in a workwear rut and often wonder how you "don't have anything to wear," there is a solution that doesn't have to be as minimalistic as Diaz'. You can create a simple capsule wardrobe of just a few items that you can mix and match.  

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe? 

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to reduce decision fatigue, save time and still come up with a chic look. But worry not, it won't take you that many pieces to create your own capsule wardrobe.

You'd only need 24 items including clothes, shoes and accessories, and that too can be cut short if you so desire. Begin by following the three step process of seeing, sorting and choosing.

1. See

Okay, let's begin with the basics. Lay out all your items including clothes, jewellery, accessories and shoes (preferably on your bed). All of it. Each time you see these items on your bed, you'll get motivated to sort them out. 

Check out what you love to wear often, what you don't and what you didn't realise you had. Let us tell you, this process is sometimes super emotional, but it's worth your time because you won't have to repeat it again. 

2. Sort 

Take a deep breath. Yes, you'll need to for what you're about to do next. Pick up all the items one-by-one and ruthlessly sort them into piles. One pile for the clothes you love. One for those that you hate. One for those that you might want to wear again. And one for charity. 

Keep going till you clear the bed. Remove the hate and charity pile and concentrate on the piles you love and maybe will wear. Ask yourself if you will wear clothes from the maybe pile in the next six months. If the answer is "no" then throw them out or donate. 

3. Choose

Finally, you've reached the stage where you can do your final sorting. Yes, the job isn't over yet. Choose about 24 items of clothes, accessories and shoes that you can wear on a daily basis. Remember that this list can change based on weather or work-life situations. 

Ideally for clothes, get a few skirts, a pair of denims, a trouser, four dresses, a buttoned down shirt, two tees and a blazer. You can alter the number of each item based on your requirement. Do the same for your jewellery and bags and each time you feel like keeping sometime, ask yourself if you really love it enough or will wear it every day.  

For your shoes, you can keep heels, flats and your sporty shoes handy. 

Now, you don't have to count your underwear or workout clothes in this because you need to wash them each day and may replace them after two years of use anyway. 

After all this sorting, it would be time for some separation. So give your charity and trash pile away and keep your maybe pile. After three months, once you've worn your capsule wardrobe well enough, you can pick up a few pieces from your maybe pile. 

Living a minimalistic lifestyle is possible and you can achieve it if you simply plan a little ahead of time. If you do try this trick and create your own capsule wardrobe, do let us know in the Comments section below.  

(Feature & lead image courtesy: Instagram/ Nina Ricci)

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