30 Under 30 Asian Women Changing The World

Millennial. Asian. Woman.

Each descriptor comes with its own set of issues and biases. Combine all three? You might find nothing else more complicated and fraught with adversity. Yet, there is nothing more empowering than fitting into this niche demographic.

But in these politically fraught times, where discrimination and sexism are as omnipresent as Instagram and Facebook, there are bold and resilient women who are proving that such troubles do not discourage them. Instead of being defined by the world around them, these women are carving a niche for themselves, proving just why the world needs more of them.

From e-commerce entrepreneurs changing the world of fashion, to jiu-jitsu champions who are working to uplift the underprivileged. From bold transwomen who are inspiring others to embrace their true selves, to Michelin star chefs who are changing how the world eats.

From artists who are breaking the glass ceiling, to social media influencers who are changing beauty norms. From financial experts who are making investment easy to understand, to bloggers who are bringing sex education back to the table for a discussion.

These Gen Y achievers may be idealistic, but they don’t believe in abstract idealism. They are total hustlers. They know the world needs doers and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. They are self-starters and don’t back down from critiquing themselves.

Representing their generation, their gender, their culture, these women are all about speaking up, striving harder and knowing that the booming world population has much to learn from them. Do it yourself, do it well or don’t do it all—this is their motto. They are, thus, giving the world what it needs most: aspiration and powerful role models.

This month we celebrate 30 Under 30 millennial Asian women, who, in their individual spheres are the ultimate #GirlBosses. Each of these women inspire and push us to be our best. Most importantly, they prove that when women uplift each other, they can change the world.

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Written by

Deepshikha Punj