Eyes Wide Woke: What It Means to Be Asian, Female and Woke

Eyes Wide Woke: What It Means to Be Asian, Female and WokeEyes Wide Woke: What It Means to Be Asian, Female and Woke

What does it mean to be socially woke? In our cover story this month, three Asian women let us in on their thoughts about social consciousness and leading life with a “woke” spirit

There is a time and place for silence, and then there is none.

Especially when it concerns addressing matters of social violence, injustice, consciousness and just being female in the world.

We are going in eyes wide woke.

In these strange times, we have seen nothing less than a mounting legion of women, standing up to oppressors, breaking silence, showing support to one another and embracing women empowerment.

We are the force and the will behind wanting answers, representation, rights, equality and respect from society. The woke movement extends to fashion brands as well, who take a stand by supporting social causes.

We are unstoppable.

In a world that’s been ruled by blatant misogyny and enforced patriarchy, we see history changing as we speak. Furious and ready, some of us are done with the status quo.

We are speaking out.

This month we celebrate women who take the fight to the ring by daring to tackle uncomfortable truths, like why rape culture is prevalent in India. We take a look at how judgment is passed too quickly, if you don’t fit in and we learn about what must be done to raise awareness and voices, for those in need.

Our three esteemed columnists—Gunjeet Sra, founder and editor-in-chief of SBCLTR in India; Amina Evangelista Swanepoel, executive director of Roots of Health in the Philippines; and Dew M. Chaiyanara, Thai actor and writer based in Singapore—pen their thoughts on what it is to be Asian, female and woke.

Because we, women, run the world.

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Written by

Sabrena Jefri