7 Romantic Pose Hacks For Boyfriends Who Hate Retakes

7 Romantic Pose Hacks For Boyfriends Who Hate Retakes7 Romantic Pose Hacks For Boyfriends Who Hate Retakes

Getting the perfect couple pose does require a bit of effort, but not with these poses. You won't need hundreds of retakes with these.

If you didn't see it on social media, it didn't happen at all." Millennials are all too familiar with this popular saying, especially when it comes to their relationship. But most girls want more than just raking up likes. They also want the perfect romantic couple pose when they make things official. 

Unfortunately, not all of us are well-versed with posing and getting that one perfect shot is sometimes quite a task. So to help you save your time, we'll show you a few couple poses that won't require hundreds of retakes. 

7 Ways To Nail The Perfect Couple Pose  

Getting the perfect couple pose does require a bit of effort. But if you feel comfortable and confident in how you look and most important with your partner, it shouldn't be that much of a task.

And to make things a little bit sweeter and easy for a reluctant posing partner, here are a few ways to nail the perfect couple pose. 

1. Lying down

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This pose is so simple, you could probably do it in your sleep. You have to simply lie down next to your partner, either keeping your heads parallel to your partner's or resting on their torso as in this picture.

Many girls even prefer to rest their heads on their partners' chest as the shot is taken almost in a flat lay style from the top. 

2. Hand on chest or shoulders 

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This is perhaps a very natural couple pose and doesn't look forced because most couples prefer to hold each other this way, especially when photographed. The only difference in the pose is perhaps where you look.   

And easy way to pull off this look is for the girl to look sideways with her hands on the boy's chest or shoulder, as he stares directly at her.

No matter how awkward you may generally feel, this pose ought to make you comfortable given your proximity to your partner and the fact that you don't have to look directly into the camera.

3. Gazing into each other's eyes

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If you are most comfortable with your partner, then why not translate that onto your photographs! One of the easiest poses to pull off is gazing deeply into your partner's eyes. But just make sure to look towards each other's opposite sides, lest you want to look cross-eyed. 

And if you want a genuine grin but are feeling conscious around so many people, stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth when you smile. You can even use props such as flowers or drinks. 

4. A simple stroll in the park 

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The trick to nail this picture is to simply take a stroll and smile at each other. Just walk towards the camera holding each other's hands and you'll be able to walk straight in a line. 

You can also try props such as an umbrella, swing it around as you take your stroll together. This way, your reluctant poser of a partner would be engaged in an activity and won't feel that awkward. 

5. Bear hug from behind

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You can ask your boyfriend or partner to hug you from behind as you either look into the camera or at an angle. This is an easy pose that works for pre-wedding, wedding and even maternity shoots. You can simply relax your hands over his and lean your body on his.

If you and your partner are almost the same height, you can tilt your bodies slightly towards the camera or at an angle.

In case you're standing behind, you should avoid locking your hands in a tight embrace, unless choking was the emotion you were going for! 

6. Standing at a height 

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Whether it is standing atop a mountain or stairs or rocky base in the ocean, give yourself a boost of height. You can even do it in the mall if you so desire. This helps to elongate the frame and add another couple pose to your list.

In case your boyfriend is way taller, you can stand atop another step so you look proportioned. If you are shorter, avoid posing with your arm around your partner, otherwise it would look as though you were falling and your partner just about managed to save you (unless that's what you wanted).

7. Hugging pose 

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For many couples, this can be an awkward pose but it can be made fun if you try it in different ways. You can try it with your boyfriend hugging you from the back or facing you directly from the front. 

While striking this pose, make sure that your head doesn't sink into his neck making it look like you are choking him. 

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