THIS Is What Happens To Your Hair In Summer!

THIS Is What Happens To Your Hair In Summer!THIS Is What Happens To Your Hair In Summer!

If you want to control hair damage during summer, here are few things and products you need to know to keep your scalp and tresses healthy.

It's often difficult to control hair damage during hot summer days. We get it. Summer may be everyone's favourite season, especially if you have a lot of plans to travel to beaches, but it's actually not the healthiest.

Thanks to extreme heat, humidity, and harmful UV rays the damage isn't just restricted to the skin but also our hair. Luckily, there are a few things you can do control hair damage during summer. 

Here are few tricks to help you keep your hair damage-free and products you need to know. 

Your scalp produces more oil

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Summer is probably both the dryest and stickiest time of the year cause your surrounding is hot but you're sweating. Sweat gets you dehydrated so your body produces more oil to combat the loss hydration. So just imagine bot sweat and oil--that's a grease fest.

1. Moisturising hair products will help

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To combat the grease, prevention is better than cure. Use moisturising shampoos and conditioners.  For those with colour hair, best to stock-up on your hydrating colour shampoos and conditioners as well. 

Bring with you a moisturising hairspray and mist it throughout the day to lock in moisture. If damage has been done, restore your hair with a conditioner.

2. Hair is extra frizzy

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If your hot hair tools can curl or straighten your hair because of heat, the heat of nature can do that too--but in a more unpleasant way.

Because temperatures are higher than usual, hair becomes unruly. Women with straight hair might not suffer so much from this but women with wavy, curly, or kinky hair might have a harder time.

For this problem, you can use anti-frizz sheets to keep your mane tamed.

3. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair





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Detanglers and brushes are good but you don't want to add potential damage by aggressively brushing it. Use a wide tooth comb since it's the safest option.

It doesn't break your hair and combs the tangles out in an even fashion. 

4. It's prone to damage

The sun's rays can break down keratin, the component that makes up our hair and nails, resulting in weaker and duller hair.

It's best to combat this internally, with hair vitamins and with nutrient-rich repair shampoos or conditioners.

5. Sunbathing and swimming should be kept to a minimum

It's not just the sun that damages our hear during summer, salt water and chlorine in pools damage it too.

This means you have to keep watch of how long you swim under the sun. If anything, it's best to swim during the late afternoon when it's almost sundown.

6. Pay attention to your scalp

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Your scalp needs some loving too! After all, it holds all your hair.

If it's becoming extra itchy (and when you see flakes), it's time to bring out the hair treatments to bring back the moisture so they can transform hair while you sleep!

7. Use sunscreen for your hair

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People don't realise that sunscreen for your hair is also important. Yes, sunscreen isn't just for your face body, there's a special kind of sunscreen for your hair too.

We recommend buying one that you can easily spray and you're good to go!

8. Dry shampoo helps for no-hair-wash days 

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Dry shampoo is your best friend when the no-shower days arrive. No judgment here, it's actually healthier to wash your hair less!

If you do need to wash it, use a gentle shampoo. If not, use dry shampoo. It keeps the oil and stink away.

9. It's best to avoid hot hair tools 

Heat and hot hair tools is not the best combination. You don't want to burn off your hair's moisture. We encourage you to go au naturale. But if you must style it, opt for manual tools (read curlers) that do not use heat.

It might take more time, but it's better for your hair.

The bottomline is that if you want to control hair damage during summer, you have to make an effort.

Protect your crowning glory from the harsh summer sun but make sure you also nourish your body stay hydrated and eat healthily.

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