These Coloured Pencil Nails Are Breaking The Internet

These Coloured Pencil Nails Are Breaking The Internet

Coloured pencil nails have become the latest trend to hit social media and people are obviously going bonkers about them!

We were only just getting over the 'pimple popping nail' trend that another weird one has taken over social media. Only this time you might not cringe. Instead, you'd be forced to appreciate the artistry behind this crazy-but-also-awesome look that's gone viral-- coloured pencil nails.   

Yes, you read that right!

The look that is breaking the Internet, was initially created by the Moscow-based Nail Sunny studio. And, while it is quite creative but IDK, it seems a tad uncomfortable. 

Coloured Pencil Nails Have Taken Over The Internet


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In a hyperlapsed tutorial that the Moscow-based salon shared, a nail technician demonstrated how she created the look. In it you can clearly see that all four tips (excluding the thumb) were sculpted with acrylic to create extra length. They were then shaped and styled to look exactly like coloured pencils. 

Now, even though this style is a far cry away from an at-home manicure, you can still try it if you are curious. 

How To Create Coloured Pencil Nails


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The nail technician begins by attaching an acrylic base to the nails. She then adds a base coat of solid primary and secondary colours. The colours are then made darker by adding yet another coat.

On the nail bed, the technician paints a tan polish that looks like wood peeking through, just as it does on a used pencil. To finish the look, the nail is whittled down and coloured leads are glued to the tips. 

And viola! The acrylic coloured pencil nails actually look like they are straight out of a stationary box ready to be scribbled with. Unless, you are really into crazy and bizarre nail trends, this look may not be the most practical, but it'll certainly get you more eyeballs. 

But if that's your jam, then how about trying a few more ideas from nail_sunny, who is credited with creating the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle manicure and the molar nails. 

Top 5 Bizarre Nail Trends To Try

For all those who love to experiment with their nails, chances are you don't mind a bit of bizarre too. From coloured pencil nails to teeth or molar nails to wicked witch nails--there is something for everybody. 

And while there are many such crazy trends out on the Internet, here are our top five picks for you. We dare you to try them! 

1. Pissing Boy 


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It may look like a Renaissance sculpture, but it's not. It's just a naked boy pissing all over your hands. Quite literally. The nail technician artfully creates the sculpture of a young naked boy on one of the nail tips.

She then pokes a steel pipe through the nail which can be attached to a water source to make it look like the boy is taking a wee. 

2. Metallic Braces


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Unless you want to revisit the days when you had to wear metallic braces to school, this may not be everybody's cup of tea. Plus, we're not sure hoe safe it is to attach all the nails together. But hey! If you are in for a bizarre new trend, this might just be your jam. 

3. Bees Knees 


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Okay, this is not exactly that crazy but it certainly unique. The nail technician has masterfully created these buzzy creatures on acrylic tips. And while they may not take flight or sting, they sure look quite real. If you're prepping as the Beewoman for the next Marvel flick, this might be a good option to try. 

4. Army Coup


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These nails are supposedly an homage to the Russian army. And though they don't scream peace and love, they sure have been done skilfully. With each weapon carefully sculpted onto the nail, they honestly look quite dangerous.

Not many can pull off this deadly trend!

5. Milk Maid


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This one takes the cake for being the most bizarre nail trend in the recent past. You can literally squirt the milk out of that strange nipple contraption. While masterful, it's also quite a crazy design. The good thing is that it occupies just the one nail giving the others a respite.

If you're up for a bit of crazy, try one of these designs and give us a shout out in the Comments section below. 


(Featured & lead image courtesy: Instagram/Nail Sunny)

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Deepshikha Punj