K-Pop Star CL Body-Shamed By Media, Fans Fire Back

K-Pop Star CL Body-Shamed By Media, Fans Fire Back

One media outlet said she should change her name to "XL".

Korean beauty standards are infamously narrow, which is why K-pop stars go to extraordinary lengths to achieve success, including strict diets, rigorous exercise, and even going under the knife. So when former 2NE1 CL showed up at Incheon Airport (en route to Singapore for MTV Asia Hyperplay 2018) looking a few pounds heavier than usual, local media went on a feeding frenzy. What they said about CL weight gain was a little disheartening, to say the least.

One local media outlet said that she should change her professional name to XL (as in extra-large). Another outlet used an expletive to describe her appearance, causing fans to rise up in the singers' defence.

CL weight gain: What caused it?

Many have speculated on the cause of CL's weight gain, some guessing that the singer was dealing with some health issues, perhaps binge-eating from the stress due to alleged disputes with her agency, YG Entertainment. But recent reports have clarified that the weight gain was due to her move to America to work on her English album — she was still adapting to her new life there and wasn't able to exercise as often as she used to.

Whatever the reason behind her weight gain, it really shouldn't matter. Yes, CL has gained some weight. Yes, she still looks fab. Most importantly: yes, she can still deliver a kickass performance.

As she said at her MTV Asia Hyperplay 2018 performance: “Sometimes, people tell you how to live your life. You know, girls, you just need to roll your eyes, shake it off and walk away.”

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