Christina Aguilera’s "Accelerate" Video is What Cunnilingus Would Be Like with the Dirrty Siren

Christina Aguilera’s "Accelerate" Video is What Cunnilingus Would Be Like with the Dirrty Siren

Watching Christina Aguilera’s Accelerate video feels like I'm being given a thorough tongue lashing down there...and I kinda like it

Titillating and tantalising, Christina Aguilera’s highly sexualised Accelerate video is four minutes and six seconds of pouty lips, curling tongue, and bared flesh.
There’s a lot of glitter and lots more of what appears to be lube dripping down in thick globs all over Christina’s face and cross-taped breasts. If that visual still doesn’t make you think sex, then I don’t know what will.
Christina Aguilera’s

Got lube? (Screenshot: YouTube)

“Accelerate” is the first single from Liberation, Christina’s first album in six years. For a first song to break her musical hiatus, “Accelerate” isn’t a display of the singer’s vocal prowess. No signature growling and no belting a la “Ain’t No Other Man, the lead single from Back to Basics
What Christina’s “Accelerate” video does display is unapologetic erotica. And for a woman, I find this empowering.
The video and lyrics deliver a punch much like “Dirrty” did, the lead single from Stripped that broke Christina out of the pop princess persona and into the sexually charged vixen we’ve come to know her as. 
It’s a show of dominance. Because here you see an honest song about not giving a fuck about wanting to fuck—no strings attached. It’s liberating, as the album name implies. 
Five seconds into the video you see Christina lapping up milk like a thirsty kitty, giving herself a small taste of the white liquid (oh yeah, pretty sure that’s meant to be cum). She’s looking up at you innocently, daring you, provoking you. Or maybe it’s just her way of promoting the benefits of milk—after all, semen is supposed to be good for your face.
Christina Aguilera’s

Giving you the f*ck eyes (Screenshot: YouTube)

When the beat starts, you see Christina in an oversized suit jacket paired with wide leg tuxedo pants and white sneaks. It’s a mannish style, but it doesn’t diminish the sultriness she exudes, especially when you realise she’s not wearing a shirt underneath, revealing an extremely plunging neckline.
Christina Aguilera’s

All woman in mannish style (Screenshot: YouTube)

The video cuts quickly to a different Christina: this time she’s looking like a girl-next-door with her hair down in natural waves and wearing a loose white shirt with loose black pants. Nothing bared but a fresh-faced visage. She’s showing you the Christina you’d wake up next to in bed on a Sunday morning. The look is quite reminiscent of her Paper Magazine cover, which zooms in on her raw beauty, wearing no makeup to reveal the freckles that speckle her skin.
accelerate video

In beauty, sometimes less is more (left: YouTube screenshot; right: Paper Magazine)

Through quick transitions, the Accelerate video portrays Christina donning different faces of the female persona: the sassy vixen licking up milk, the power woman in a power suit, the sweet girl-next-door virgin. 
The message is clear: a woman in any shape or form is a powerful and sexual being. Women have a thirst for power—and sex is power. They are “boss ladies,” as Christina calls out to women when she sings:
We got moola, power
Yeah, we on fire tonight
Gonna get it how we want it
‘Cause we ’bout it, ’bout that life
It’s a strong statement that challenges the status quo: that women are not meant to be sexual beings (wasn’t Eve apple-shamed for tasting the forbidden fruit?). But Christina assures:
Baby, it’s alright
Baby, it’s okay

Everything in the World is About Sex Except Sex

With Christina’s assurance that “it’s alright, it’s okay,” we see the gender power shift in the song. The chorus that follows baldly commands:
Accelerate, come on, babe
Pick up your speed
Stamina, fill me up
That’s what I need
I don’t doubt Christina’s singing about the sex act here, but it’s also definitely about power. And power comes in knowing what we want, how we want it, and how we’re going to get it. In sardonic fashion, this power shift is validated by the two male rappers featured in the song. 
We hear Ty Dolla $ign mansplaining in bewilderment that there’s no better high or stimulus than a woman in power, so it’s foolish to look elsewhere. His verse goes:
Another shot, you comin’ home with me 
Fuck all these drugs, fuck all these clubs 
What’s wrong with me?
Christina Aguilera’s

Xtina getting dirrty (Screenshot: YouTube)

Meanwhile, 2 Chainz appears to be struggling with performance issues (as many hetero males do), seemingly giving himself a pep talk with the lines:
Work it out, muscle memory…
I put it in, now that you’re feelin’ me
Look how I’m killin’ it
The rappers are appropriately not on the video because the woman is the focus here. And dear men, if you haven’t realised it, it’s time to acknowledge that women have strong demands, a thirst you may never quench. 
Hence, Christina’s “Accelerate” video shows her luscious mouth in various seductive shots: milk dripping down her chin, her lips and tongue either smeared in shiny gloss or glitter, and her tongue sliding through the vee of her fingers. Not to mention the pièce de résistance: the eye-bulging visual of a topless Christina drenched in clear glob that resembles thick fertile juices spilling down her face and breasts. 
Christina Aguilera’s

This is taking cumshot to a whole new level (Screenshot: YouTube)

Whether the purpose may be to intimidate or to plain get you horny, it definitely poses a challenge. I mean, can a man really cum that much? Can he fill up a woman of power? Keep up with her? Slake her insatiable thirst?
We see a final shot of Christina lying still on her back, looking up and seemingly reflecting. Does she look satisfied, or is she left wanting more? The answer is elusive. 
Christina Aguilera’s

Xtina: “FML” (Screenshot: YouTube)

But one thing’s for sure, my panty felt like this after watching the video:
Christina Aguilera’s

Drenched (Screenshot: YouTube)

Haven’t seen Christina Aguilera’s Accelerate video? Here you go:

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Carla Perlas