16 Facts You Need To Know About Filipina Rising Star Chienna Filomeno

16 Facts You Need To Know About Filipina Rising Star Chienna Filomeno

How much do you know about rising star Chienna Filomeno?

Chienna Filomeno is a Filipina model-slash-dancer-slash-actress who's got everything going for her. She's been in the public eye since she was 11, gaining popularity as a cosplayer. Now, not only is she's one of the hottest stars on television, she's a style maven in her own right. Read on to learn more about this rising star (Chienna Filomeno age, favourites, family, etc.).

Chienna Filomeno Age, Biography, Etc.: 12 Facts About Chie Filomeno You Should Know

1. Chienna was supposed to be named Kimberly.

...But when her parents saw her almond-shaped eyes, they decided to give her a name that paid tribute to her Chinese heritage (she's 1/4 Chinese). She was born on August 15, 1996 — so if you're looking for Chienna Filomeno age, do the math.

2. She didn't want to be an actress growing up.

In an interview with StarStyle, she said that she wanted to be a teacher, chef, and flight stewardess when she was a kid. She appeared in a few commercials as a kid, then auditioned for ABS-CBN's Star Magic talent management group in 2011.

When she entered the entertainment industry, she didn't enjoy being an actress right away, but it grew on her. "Once you're with the right people, you learn to love it and you get to learn new things every day," she said.

3. She's known for playing mean girls, but would welcome a change.

Chienna's first major role was an antagonist. To prepare for the role, she did her research by watching Mean Girls and emulating Regina George. She enjoys playing the mean girl, she says.

"Yeah, I play the mean girl like always," she tells StartStyle. "But I really love playing the kontrabida because it puts life into the show. It also helps that I have a resting bitch face. (Laughs) Every role is different and it’s always a challenge on how I am going to portray the mean girl."

Playing the mean girl all the time as its drawbacks — people assume that she's a snob and hard to get along with, when that couldn't be further from the truth. So for a change, she'd like to try playing the good girl.

4. Her favourite TV show is The Royals.

5. Her style is minimalist and laidback.

Scrolling down Chienna's Instagram feed, it's easy to get a handle of her style. She's hip, but her style is also quite elegant. She's usually seen in neutral colours liek white, grey, and black. Her favourite designer brand? Gucci.

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6. She's a total noob when it comes to makeup.

Chie admits that she's not that great at putting on makeup, but does what she can to make her eyes bigger. And though she owns tons of lipsticks, she usually sticks to peachy corals and nudes, like MAC Velvet Teddy. To make her lips look fuller, she uses lip liners.

Chienna Filomeno Age, Background, and More

7. She has five dogs.

Loki border collie, Maddie the golden retriever, Bella the Aspin, Luna the Lhasa Apso, and Shadow the labrador. Shadow is super lambing pero fat. They love sleeping on her bed. 

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8. She's the third of four siblings.

Chienna has two older brothers, and a younger brother who she's supporting through school.

9. She feels sexiest in athletic wear.

When she's at the gym, dancing, or in a tracksuit, Chienna totally feels herself. She loves working up a sweat.

10. She's got a tiiiiiiny waistline.

Chienna Filomeno has a 22' waistline, and it's her favourite asset. However, getting clothes to fit her slim figure perfectly is a bit of a hassle — she often has to get clothes altered so they don't look too baggy.

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11. She's learning how to DJ.

Her favourite bands are The 1975 and The Killers. Her favourite solo artists are Dua Lipa.

12. Chienna loves to eat.

She can eat 8 cups of rice in a meal. Her favourite meal? Buttered garlic shrimp. Chienna also binges on pizza — but hold the pineapple. For dessert, her go-to is creme brulee. H

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13. She's inked!

At the moment, Chienna Filomeno has just one tattoo — a tiny drawing of a gladiolus flower on her right ear. She chose the flower because it symbolises strength.

14. This girl likes surfing and race car driving.

15. She doesn't let the haters faze her.

16. She hasn't left her cosplay days completely behind

Though Chienna doesn't cosplay as much as she used to, she says she'd love to go back to it again.


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