Check In With The Stars: Your December 2018 Horoscope

Check In With The Stars: Your December 2018 HoroscopeCheck In With The Stars: Your December 2018 Horoscope

What the stars have in store for you in your December 2018 horoscope.

As the year wraps up, it’s time for everyone to take a long and hard look at the year that was. Saturn is now finds itself in its home base, Capricorn. From hereon until 2020, you’ll find it comes naturally to give yourself some “real talk” about your life—no more skirting around issues, drifting off into la la land when it comes to goals and ambitions. It’ll be more a more effortless endeavor to put your practical hat on—to move from a grounded place with caution, care, and thoughtfulness. To compliment this, we have Neptune in Pisces as well, which means this collective shift to the woowoo and New Age (if you’re reading this horoscope, then you’ll know exactly what this feels like!) will only grow with more ways to connect to higher consciousness.

There’s a good sense of balance between the magical realm and the earth realm this season. Use these vibes to end the year with a stupendous bang!


The entire month, for you, is a lead up to a fun and fiery power surge that launches on the 31stas Mars enters Aries. You may be kicking off December with an anti-climactic, even lazy start—not a problem. Over the weeks, you’ll be gaining momentum and gearing up to a big burst of motivation as 2019 starts. Even relationships that are a slow burn will be worth it. Hold your horses, things are about to get hot.

Who says you can’t use your red lippie for your eyes and cheeks too? Do triple duty this season.


If this entire year has been a huge bust for you, you can rest assured that everything will fall into place. By some miracle, Venus trines Neptune on December 21stand finally, you’re going to find things in the love zone finally clicking. All the why’s and how’s you’ve been asking since the year started will actually be answered. Savour this sweetness while it’s around—we all know it doesn’t last long!

Blush like a bride this month with a sheer, peach-toned hue on your cheeks.


Wish we could say that the whole month will be smooth-sailing for you, Gemini. It will be, for the most part… except for the first week of December where you’ll be moving through a super intense window as Mercury enters Scorpio on the first of the month. If trouble’s been brewing between you and your partner, expect tempers to flare and conversations to go raging on Week One. Everything goes back to normal on the 6th.

Temper all that intense energy with soft set waves that’ll frame your lovely face.


If you’re still dealing with the bitter aftertaste of a relationship that’s ended or an ex you recently stalked online (admit it…), know that the emotional residue is about to fade away soon. With the Moon in Leo plus Jupiter in Sagittarius on Christmas Day, everything will be coming up roses—and just in time for the break. You’ll be too busy focusing on you instead of old flames. Good for you.

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You’re feeling extra loving this holiday season—all the good feelings are virtually pouring out of you. If you could, you’d buy everyone a present and wrap it up with a nice big bow. What’s causing all the good cheer in your December 2018 horoscope? Perhaps the holidays are getting to you (no matter how much of a Grinch you sometimes are), maybe you’re setting aside your ego and just appreciating everyone around you.

Moisturize your arms with an extra lush lotion this month—you’re going to need to keep them as soft as possible with all the hugs you’ll be giving.


Seriously, Virgo, what issues are you still holding on to these days? While you’ve been a master at getting things done every day, there have been emotions and hurts and past traumas skipped over and buried deep in your psyche. When Chiron goes direct on December 8th, you’ll find yourself finally breaking the chain and ready—really—to open a new chapter. It’s about time. Welcome back to realness.

A bare face is a beautiful face, Virgo. Skip the foundation and go light with tinted moisturizer instead.


Don’t you love it when things just work out? It hardly ever happens but your December 2018 horoscope is full of awesome, harmonious vibes, Libra. On December 21st, we don’t just shift into a solstice (winter for the northern hemisphere and summer for the southern hemisphere), Venus also trines Neptune bringing everything into its proper place. Watch out for opportunities sneaking up on you!

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As if you weren’t intense enough as it is, Mercury entering Scorpio on December 1stwill have you going into quite the tizzy. You already know how obsessive you can be when it comes to people who rub you the wrong way—disengage from anyone who’s purposely pushing your buttons. Bite your tongue until Mercury goes direct in Scorpio on the 6th. You can handle this.

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It’s your season to shine, Sagittarius! Everyone—and we mean everyone—could use a dose of your innate optimism right now so don’t hold back in spreading the love. Your December 2018 horoscope praises your faith in people. It's pretty infectious and it could seriously benefit those around you. Quick to forgive and open-minded enough to be compassionate to others, lead by example. The world needs more people like you.

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The thing about stress, Capricorn, is that if you don’t feed it, it actually can pass and go away. If you’re holding on to all your shoulds and shouldn’ts, as Capricorns are wont to do, tension is going to rise to an all-time high. When the Sun in Capricorn squares the Moon in Libra on the 29th, your anxiety may get the better of you. Take preventative measures. Meditate is the main point of your December 2018 horoscope.

Help yourself to some pampering with a relaxing aromatherapy massage.


Now is no time to doubt that sixth sense of yours, Aquarius. When the Sun trines Uranus on the 20th, you can expect high-powered hits coming directly from your inner knowing. What does this mean? Stop asking for your friends’ opinions on whether you should go on that mini-break with the person you’re interested in and just go with your gut. You know what you want to do.

Never forget to slather on your SPF. Protection is always a good thing.

Check In With The Stars: Your December 2018 Horoscope

Buck up, Pisces, December—with its packed calendar and multiple social occasions—can have you feeling under the weather. As soon as the sun squares Neptune on December 5th, you’ll want to increase those immunity boosts and start sleeping better. Give yourself a break early on so you can thoroughly enjoy party season. Your December 2018 horoscope sends you off with Feel Better wishes.

If you’ve never tried essential oils, now’s the time. They’re a great mood booster and will make you feel better in your skin too.

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