What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Power Chakra?

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Power Chakra?What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Power Chakra?

Enhance your energy by learning how to dress according to your chakra.

Tracking the relationship between your chakras and zodiac signs can make a huge difference in how you manage your energy.

Chakras refer to the different energy points in your body that can tell you a lot about how you’re feeling at a certain point in time. Think of the acupuncture pressure points or the different positions you twist your body into in a yoga class, but more subtle. The seven main chakras concentrate on everything from your sense of purpose to your sense of grounding, the way you communicate to what’s in your heart.

How Chakras And Zodiac Signs Interact

Figuring out how your chakras and zodiac signs align is one way of getting a better grip on your personality. By figuring out what your different chakra points are aligning on a given day or on a specific occasion, and lining that up with your zodiac sign’s strong points and weak points, you can tweak your energy so it serves you and others the best way possible.


Chakra: Solar Plexus

Aries folks are great at putting themselves out there. It isn’t about being overly aggressive or in-your-face. They’re just comfortable with owning who they are and what they want out of life. The Solar plexus is all about motivation, and personal power. It’s racking up internal confidence so you shine when you step out into the world.

Style tip: When you want to amp up your confidence, wear a solid shade of Gen Z yellow. It’s attention grabbing, easy to spot, and announces your presence in a room way before you even say anything.


Chakra: Root

Taurus folks love their comfort zone and have a tendency to hang in there far longer than normal. They love their creature comforts and flourish in a home that looks good and feels good. The root chakra is all about finding your footing in the world. It’s all about having security and feeling stable amidst the chaos of the outside world.

Style tip: When you’re feeling off about your living situation, job security, or family life, optimize the root chakra by wearing a bright bold shade of red. This colour anchors you to the earth and gives you a sense of grounding.


Chakra: Throat

Geminis are known for being chatterboxes that like to talk people’s heads off. Sometimes, they may feel like their words are unable to catch up with the millions of thoughts in their head. The throat chakra is all about finding your voice. When Geminis tap into the throat, they’re able to voice out their inner world masterfully.

Style tip: When you want to secure a sense of calm because there’s just too much going on in your head and you can’t seem to express, wear something in a solid Navy. It’ll provide you with the throat chakra structure you need to communicate like a pro.


Chakra: Heart

When is Cancer ever not emotional, sentimental or nostalgic? These feelers of the zodiac have a special relationship with the Heart Chakra because they have a knack for feeling everything—even the subtlest emotions that others barely notice. Having a good handle on the heart chakra means balancing all your other energies.

Style tip: Go full on feminine by wearing your heart on your literal sleeve with a beautiful shade of pink. The perfecolourlor for Valentine’s season, pink softens others’ hearts and helps you manifest the love you want in your life.


Chakra: Sacral

Leos have no trouble expressing themselves and putting themselves out there with creative flair. Their tendency to veer towards the dramatic and the over-the-top is one of the things that endear people to them. The sacral chakra is the seat of one’s sensuality, passion and creativity—all the qualities that come easily to Leos.

Style tip: If you feel yourself lacking in creative juices, wear a bright on trend shade of Coral. Orange hues help boost one’s sacral chakra. Don’t be surprised if you find a boost of inspiration when wearing 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year.


Chakra: Root

Virgo doesn’t need to do a seasonal Marie Kondo purge in the home—they already have an internal clock when it comes to clearing out, organizing, and sparking joy at home base. While people may perceive Virgos as intellectuals up front, most folks miss out on how in touch they are with their root chakra, which connects them to the home.

Style tip: Try adding a layer of color to your home life by purchasing loungewear and sleepwear in rich, beautiful burgundy hues. Not only will this add to the feeling of Hygge and comfort as you lounge around at home, it’s also a highly stylish shade.


Chakra: Third Eye

Libras like to keep things fair, square and in balance. It’s because of this that they can take forever to make a decision—they’ll take their time debating the merits of one side and the other, sometimes languishing too long in the decision making process. Libra’s need reminding that all they need to tap into is their intuition to make a choice.

Style tip: When undecided about how to do your FOTD, think of veering towards rich, purple tones and wine-stained lips. These shades can help reignite your connection to your witchy, intuitive powers and can get you out of your head.


Chakra: Sacral

When Scorpio’s feeling something, they’re feeling something. No one displays as much verve and passion about something (or someone) more than a Scorpio who’s super in touch with their sacral chakra. This energy center encourages you to feel as sensual and as passionate as you want, no guilt and no apologies.

Style tip: Layer your ensemble with some autumnal hues. Think dark golds, sparkling yellows, and deep oranges. These hues serve to stir up creative juju that may keep you stuck in a sensual rut.


Chakra: Solar Plexus

Ever the adventure seeker, Sagittarius is known for their high vibe doses of positivity and optimism, and their penchant for long-distance travel. Forward motion and thinking about their next destination comes naturally to this fiery soul. They have a deep connection with the personal power and drive that’s stirred by the Solar Plexus chakra.

Style tip: Travel in style by wrapping your luggage in bright covers that’ll help you spot your bags on an airport carousel right away. Dress to match with colorful, bright yellow accessories that give you a dose of sunshine wherever you travel.


Chakra: Crown

The goal-setter of the entire zodiac, Capricorn likes to get down and dirty when it comes to serious life issues. They’re always thinking big picture to help them tick off their To Do’s with purpose. Capricorn has a natural connection to the Crown chakra, which centers around one’s life purpose. Living meaningfully is extra important to these goats.

Style tip: Wear your intellectualism loud and proud with some off the cuff specs in a smart and rich violet hue. You’re always putting pen to paper, and flicking through your Google calendar anyway—why not dress your peepers accordingly?


Chakra: Throat

Smart and social creatures, Aquarius thrives on interacting with the collective and hopping from one circle to the next. None of this would be possible without a deep connection to the Throat chakra, which is all about getting all those thoughts on social justice and society out of your head and into the open.

Style tip: Dress yourself up, however you want to, with a pair of classic blue jeans. Whether you’re gunning for a 70s Age of Aquarius look with wide-legged denims, or want to go streamlined with some skinnies, you’ll surely express yourself in style.

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Power Chakra?

Chakra: Third Eye

Some people may think your head is always in the clouds, dreaming up your next art project or caught with a persistent earworm you can’t get rid of. Pisces is deeply in touch with their intuitive powers—something that comes out in the imaginative and dreamy way they like to express themselves. Own it and keep on dreaming, dreamer.

Style tip: Want your sense of style to be taken a little more seriously? Dress yourself up in darker hued, indigo denims, which while whimsical, also shows that you take your art and your imagination pretty damn seriously.

Now that you know how your chakras and zodiac signs align, how will you be tweaking your personal style?

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