How So Many Celebrities Have A Glass-like Skin

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Here is the real truth behind celebrity beauty hacks for wrinkles!

Open any glossy fashion magazine and you'll notice celebrities spilling their beauty "secrets." Some credit chugging down a few litres of water and staying away from the sun for their glowing skin, while others thank their genes. And, of course, there is the odd product placement in between featuring the ones they may be endorsing that year.

Well, guess what- we are calling B.S! 

Even after trying not to burn in the sun, downing a generous amount of water and lathering our bodies with SPF 50, we didn't get Zhang Ziyi's wrinkle-free glowing skin. So what's going on then? Is there no truth behind A-list celebrity beauty hacks for wrinkles? 

The Truth Behind Celebrity Beauty Hacks For Wrinkles 

We decided to uncover the real truth behind celebrity beauty hacks for wrinkles that don't just involve guzzling a million litres of water, thank you very much! 

1. Suzy Bea: I follow the 4-2-4 skincare regime


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K-pop sensation Suzy Bea has flawless skin, thanks to her love for Korean skincare. The singer-actor claims that a 4-2-4 method works wonders for her skin and insists that young girls should work on wrinkles even before they develop. 

She even appeared on an episode of Get it Beauty to explain that she begins her routine with massaging an oil-based cleanser into her face for four minutes.

She then follows it up with two minutes dedicated to massaging a lathering foam cleanser and finally four minutes to rinsing the face with clean water. 

Let's fact check. What might look like a complete routine is actually the singular Korean skincare step of double cleansing.

While this step is crucial to remove dirt and gunk from the face, it should not be the only one in your skincare routine.

That's because cleansers zap away moisture from the face, which the rest of the K-beauty steps infuse right back. So stopping just at double cleansing is not enough. You need to exfoliate and moisturise as well. 

What works. Typically K-beauty enthusiasts follow a 10-step nightly skincare regimen for get that flawless complexion and poreless skin.

This elaborate routine includes double cleansing, exfoliation, adding an essence and ampoule, masking, slathering an eye cream, adding a moisturiser and finishing up with a sleeping mask.  

But if you get the first step of double cleansing right and exfoliate every alternate day, you prepare the perfect canvas for all the essences and serums to work their magic.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow: I drink a lot of water


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The actor-turned-queen of living well, Gwyneth Paltrow, is all about the healthy lifestyle. And that means her obsession with guzzling down litres of water is justified.

The Goop founder reportedly even wrote on one of her Instagram posts that she believes water is “full of healing power."

Let's fact check. Yes, drinking water is important. In fact, research says that women need at least 2.7 litres of water to detoxify their body, improve bowel movements and even protect the sensitive tissues.

But most of that water goes out of the body through the kidneys and just about hydrates the skin's surface. So to keep your skin hydrated you need to work on topical hydration. 

What works. In addition to drinking 2.5-2.7 litres of water, keep your skin topically hydrated by moisturising it with creams and serums.

Use alcohol-free toners and seal the moisture in with serums that contain hyaluronic acid. 

3. Fan Bingbing: I use facial masks diligently

Chinese actor Fan Bingbing is not your ordinary skincare enthusiast. She is an ardent follower.

And the one K-beauty step that she has popularised is masking. In an interview, the X-Men: Days of Future Past actor admitted that she goes through 600 masks in a year.

"I use facial masks least two a day -- one for moisturizing and one for whitening. I think I go through at least 600 sheets of facial masks every year," she told CNN. But is that maybe going overboard with masking? 

Let's fact check. The reality is that you don't need more than four to five masks per week, especially if you never check its ingredients.

Some ingredients that do not work well with each other are still in a single sheet mask. For instance, vitamin C and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), vitamin C and Copper peptides, Retinol and Benzoyl peroxide, and Retinol and AHAS.

These combinations can irritate your skin and cause a host of additional skin issues. These could include acne, excessive dryness and even an increase in sebum. 

What works. As Dr Dhaval Bhanusali, a dermatologist and laser surgeon based out of New York City and Miami tells, "Masks that are calming and hydrating can be done as needed, up to 4-5 times a week."

“Those that may have alpha or beta hydroxy acids—think: glycolic or salicylic acids—should be used at most 2-3 times a week,” he adds. 

4. Fann Wong: I don't switch or try new products


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Hollywood actor Fann Wong claims that the secret to her ageless skin and glowing complexion is sticking to the same products she's been using since her teenage years.

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar Wong shared, "My skin is pretty sensitive and prone to redness. So it’s always tough to switch and try new products, be it skincare, makeup and even shampoo and hairspray." 

Let's fact check. Let's hand it to the celebrities, shall we- yes, their skin needs to look amazing at all times.

They are photographed everywhere (more so without consent, but still) and the general public then sits and comments on them. Horrible! But it's a face that celebs know and so they work hard on their skin.

And, the best way perhaps is to stick to what they know works best on them.

So while the truth maybe that there are many products better than the one you are currently using, the fear of breaking our or developing premature wrinkles stops you from experimenting too much. 

What works. You can lend credibility to products you know work great on your skin. So there is some validity to your loyalty.

But, as you get older your skin's needs change and you may need to change into something that works for you at that stage of your life.

So sticking to a generic moisturiser may have worked for you in teens, but not now in your 20s!  

5. Liu Wen: At night, I will change to night cream


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Victoria's Secret models are not just known for their unreal bodies, but also for their unreal skin. Case in point, China's first supermodel Liu Wen.

The runway stunner who travels more often that you can say "airport" swears by a "complicated" beauty routine.

"Every day, I deep-cleanse my face — that’s the first step. Then use a toner, a serum, and an eye cream. Then sometimes a day cream for the morning, and sunblock. At night, I will change to night cream. I use face masks probably five times a week," she told The Cut

Let's fact check. There might be some truth to the positive workings of sleeping masks. Such a mask is different from your regular mask because of the way it gets absorbed by your skin.

Since you leave them on untouched overnight, your skin soaks up all the goodness from the mask. 

They are also more gentle. As mentioned in our previous article, some of these sleeping masks have ingredients that are similar to resurfacing masks. So they actually remove dead skin cells and add radiance slowly over time, as opposed to an emergency quick blast.  

What works. Honestly, we wouldn't recommend that you start sleeping in your regular peel off masks. So our suggestion is to try a sleeping mask that suits your skin type.

For oily and combination skin type try fruit or plant-based mask. For dry skin you can try one that gives you extra moisturisation. And, those with normal skin can try one that adds radiance and removed dullness. 

Remember that your skin is unique and not like anybody else's. So the celebrity beauty hacks for wrinkles that might work on you, might be useless to somebody else. We suggest you make an informed decision before blindly following celebrities. 

After all, it takes a village to make them look presentable. They don't wake up like that!


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