Catriona Gray and H’Hen Nie Just Reunited During NYFW And We Can't Keep Calm

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New York Fashion Week was all about the fashion, but a sweet reunion between beauty queens, Catriona Gray and H’Hen Nie stole its limelight

All eyes were on New York Fashion Week (NYFW) this past week. From the runway to the street style, it was all about the fashion. But in between all the chaos and the madness was a sweet reunion; that of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and H’Hen Nie, Miss Universe Vietnam 2018.

Nearly two weeks after visiting the Philippines, H'Hen traveled to New York, where she was reunited with her MissU 'BFF' Gray.

Together the two were spotted with former Miss New York USA and judge Iman Oubou, as well as Miss Universe Organization Manager, Esther Swan, and were seen catching designer Phuong My's show.

Catriona Gray and H’Hen Nie Reunite During NYFW 2019

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Both beauty queens seemed quite excited to meet each other post their Miss Universe competition stint. And even posted about their reunion on their respective social media handles, with the 25-year-old Gray claiming that the best part of her day was “catching up” with fellow Miss Universe sister, H’Hen.

While in her Instagram post Gray noted: “Despite the snow/rain/hail today's highlight was definitely catching up with my @missuniverse sister @hhennie.official."

In her post H’Hen shared fashionable pictures of the three walking towards and show. She wrote: "Swagger on the street of NYC be like (emoticon) Fun time with my sisters @imanoubou @catriona_gray after enjoying the show of @phuong_my ?? ? @tuankhoi02 Retouch by @tafaholic13 #PhuongMy #NYFW" 

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How Catriona Gray and H’Hen Nie Explored Freezing New York Together

Both Miss Universe queens decided to walk around snowy New York, while catching up with former Miss New York Iman Oubou. Needless to say all this exploration was done, oh so fashionably. 

While Gray--who was styled by Marquis Bias--donned a faux fur coat over her Phuong My outfit, H’Hen kept warm underneath a long coat and her own Phuong My outfit.

Since this was H’Hen's first time in witnessing snow, she was also beyond excited to catch up with her fellow sisters and Swan, who clearly knew their way around.

Catriona Gray and H’Hen Nie clearly had a lot of fun. They not just watched shows together, but even went out for special pictures and made videos laughing and basically having a gala time. H’Hen shared one of these videos on her Instagram where Gray was seen greeting her Vietnamese fans in their native language:

“Xin chào Vi?t Nam! Sending you love and kisses from New York,” Gray is seen saying.

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H’Hen’s photographer Thuan Koi shared some more pictures online for their fans, which were further shared by both international beauty queens.

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What Are Catriona Gray and H’Hen Nie Doing Now?

Both the beauty queens have been keeping busy.

While H'Hen has become a firm favourite among pageant fans, (she bagged one of the top five of the pageant), she  has been dedicatedly working on several philanthropic projects back home.

Not only is her personal story of rise an inspiration to many, but her humanitarian efforts, including building libraries and providing scholarships has also made a favourite among international fans.

H'Hen was recently in the Philippines to be a guest speaker at a forum of the 2019 Francis Papua Papica Foundation, Inc. Youth Congress in Naga City. It was here that she mentioned that her rise to fame was of her own doing and encouraged youngsters to follow their dreams.

"I’m very honored and grateful to be here, to join Youth Congress of FPPFI at which I could meet various students, potentials of future Philippines and share my stories," she shared in an Instagram post. 

"Without any part of my past, I wouldn’t be the person I am right now. I believe in the miracle of life, that if you truly believe, life will not give up on you. Many people call me the Cinderella of Vietnam, but Cinderella has a fairy godmother to help her, while I created this miracle for myself.

"Believe in yourself, always make the efforts, think positively, you would definitely achieve your dreams!" she added.

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Gray Has Also Been Busy Making A Mark For Herself With All Her Humanitarian Causes

Meanwhile, Gray, having previously worked as a volunteer in some of her charities already, helped shed light on a non-government organization focusing on children called the The Young Focus Foundation in Tondo, Manila. For the uninitiated, she was previously active with the organisation long before she participated in Miss Universe. 

On several occasions, Gray has recounted her experiences working with children in the poorer areas of Tondo. Which was incidentally also one part of the final answer that amounted to her victory. She shared that she learnt to appreciate the beauty and “silver lining” despite the dire conditions. Something that she is now helping others realise.

More power to these gorgeous and inspiring gals!

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