How To Write Kickass Instagram Captions And Rake In Them Likes

How To Write Kickass Instagram Captions And Rake In Them LikesHow To Write Kickass Instagram Captions And Rake In Them Likes

Instagram is all about photos, but giving your captions some extra thought can make a world of a difference to your page's performance.

Just because Instagram is a highly visual social network doesn't mean that you should neglect your captions. Interesting captions lead to more engagement, and more engagement means that your content will show in more people's feeds. So whether you're writing a caption for Instagram selfie with friends, or thinking of a clever quote to go with an OOTD, keep these caption tips in mind.

7 Tips for Writing Engaging Instagram Captions

1. Keep it short and sweet.

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Only the first three lines of your caption will be displayed, so if you don't want your caption do be cut off, use 125 characters or less.

2. If you're going to write a long caption, reel your audience in with a hook.

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Sometimes, Because captions cut off after a few lines, you should be able to catch your audience's attention with just the first few words. Give them something to make them want to click "more".

3. Separate your hashtags.

Instagram has a 30 hashtag/post limit, and while hashtags are helpful, don't crowd your captions with them because it'll just make your caption hard to read. Instead, separate your hashtags by putting them after line breaks and periods.

Or you could put your hashtags in a separate comment altogether. Immediately after posting your photo (with a caption for instagram selfie with friends), write your hashtags in a separate comment. That way, the hashtags get buried after your post gets a few comments. It helps to have everything ready beforehand, so you can prepare all the hashtags on your notes app first.

4. Use emojis!

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Emojis are a fun way to catch your audience's eye, and because they can stand in for some words, they're also a clever way to save on space.

5. Give your audience a call to action.

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Encouraging engagement is sometimes as simple as asking. Why not invite your audience to give their opinion, or even tag their friends to give your post more exposure?

6. Take your time.

Yeah, you look amazing in that photo, but don't be in such a hurry to post it that you don't bother to put any thought into your caption for Instagram selfie with friends. If you need to, write the caption into your notes app first before you post it. And if you're not confident in your writing skills, ask someone to take a look at it to spot any errors.

7. Use shout-outs.

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If your post features another Instagram user or brand, mention them in your caption and tag them! This makes it more likely for that other user to engage with your content.

How would you write a caption for instagram selfie with friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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